RAF officer cadet run down by asylum seeker

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by hardley, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. It's dusty in here.
  2. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    There's no reason why a below knee amputation should 'leave his career in ruins'. Get a prosthetic and carry on doing whatever people do in the RAF.
  3. I know the fella, as he posts on a motorbike site that I frequent. He's in HC still, as far as I know, and is a top fella.

    Shameful episode.
  4. What would Douglas Bader do?
  5. I've met a few Iraqi asylum seekers. Everyone one of them was in fact an Iraqi criminal hiding out here, because if they were back in Iraq, they'd probably be killed by an angry mob. By that definition they are seeking asylum, but it's got nothing to do with politics or dissident activity, they are just trying to save their worthless skins. Here they get a slap on the wrist and carrying on their criminal activities forever, and when in court, out comes the large chopped onion and they play the 'woe is me, I'm a troubled persecuted asylum seeker, and I just behave like this because I'm deeply traumatised.'

    Excess alcohol too? Not a very good muslim either. He'd be flogged under sharia law.
  6. Although you are correct and this fella should be on the first flight back to the Sandpit, you are making an assumption on his religion.

    I am, of course, splitting hairs.
  7. The fact is Asylum is freedom from persecution NOT prosecution - he should be sent home and face the law in his own shoite country
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Not exactly a stab in the dark though was it? Anyway, its moot, as if it was Gehenna for all the tippling Muslims, there wouldn't be much space left :)
  9. My deeply cynical copper mate was talking about some of the conversations he has..."Now, I see you left Iran because of persecution. From experience I presume you are claiming either gay, Christian or shagging the wife of the Chief of Police, who, from what I can see, seems to be getting hosed by most of what my dad would have called Persia. Now I'll assume options one and three are mutually exclusive, so which option or pair did you choose?

    ....I'm also concerned that you said you would certainly be killed if you returned, when in fact in the year following the issue of your new shiny British passport you went back three times. Forgiving chap, the Chief of Police".

    ...and so on, endlessly.
  10. I am out in the Gulf at the moment and you often read in the papers that so and so has been done for embezzlement and has been sentenced to 4 years prison, AND WILL BE DEPORTED AT THE END OF HIS SENTENCE.

    Why the hell cannot we do that, if convicted, do the time and out you go.
    FFS his case has not been resolved, even more reason to sling him out as if he can phuk up like this before he gets a right to stay, (ie should be on best behaviour.) what the hell is he going to be like after permission is granted.

    Yeah Yeah okay I will grow up and smell the roses/coffee or whatever :x

    On your rights:- Saudi Aramco.......................
    You are not allowed to bring in pork, books of a religious or political nature,(that buggers up reading about the crusades, freemasonry etc,) or porn.
    Also you will not bring in cds,dvds of music games etc.
    No cameras as photography is illegal.

    FFS they want to make that a very boring trip.
  11. Can't believe the asylum seeker wasn't seeking legit' asylum, or that he would have been (badly) driving a car, paid for by tax payers' money, or that he would have been intoxicated/DUI, without licence , insurance, etc. Just doesn't happen does it. And he gets away with ruining someone's life, to boot. Almost scot free? That would be far too judgemental.
  12. The news story says that his asylum situation is unresolved ?

    Doesn't this incident resolve it fairly quickly ? F**k off home, aslylum denied (at the end of the sentence). And if you are caught here again in the future 5yrs detention.

    Sorry you can't live in your own country, but this one doesn't need you - good luck finding another one.

    WHEN WILL THIS SH1T STOP :threaten:
  14. Having flown a light aircraft (a Cessna) I can assure you that controlling the thing when flying with an above-knee amputation is a doddle...

    What really f*cks you is controlling the plane on the ground since you can't (easily anyway) use the toe brakes.
    A below-knee amputee might/should find things easier however ....