RAF not useless after all!

For ages on this site i have read the rantings about how useless the RAF are, well i wont have it any more. My daughter is going out with an RAF chap who fixes Hercules engines in his day job. Despite his constant moanings about work and having to go on Ops for 2 months every other year i have started to warm to the bloke. Then yesterday he proved his worth beyond any shadow of a doubt. In the blistering heat of this fine British Summer my weekend was about to be ruined by an inability to finish of the Ground Force type project that the wife had set me, the strimmer was broke! In jumps aforementioned Hercules engine fixing bloke and sorted out the strimmer in no time at all, well it took about 2 hours actually but he saved my skin. never again will i moan about our light blue dressed compadres, bloody good skills and also made me less nervous about flying in Hercs too. i knew it, i just knew they had a purpose! (This does not include movers obviously).

Oh yes and then he cooked the BBQ food for us too so that was a bonus, i just hope he isnt softening me up to tell me the daughter is pregnant!
Nobody ever said the RAF were completely useless*. After all, they give the RAF Regiment somebody to look good beside.

(*Just 'utterly, utterly useless')
Markintime said:
Yes but he loves to shove it up her jacksie, he lubricates it with his Brylcream, didn't you recognise the smell?
...or the taste? :twisted:
I love the smell of burnt Brylcream in the morning, it smells of.....perversion :twisted:
They aren't completely useless.

They let me rob LOADS of stuff off them when I served on the Harrier Force, through their slack admin.

An RAF male with a GIRLfriend? That's a first.
Your daughter is going out with a Crab ???

Which part of disown her and banish her to an exclusive finishing school in the Swiss Alps didn't you understand? I'm guessing that your wife has already left you and the dog has probably topped itself? Oh the shame. :oops:


You'd have received much more sympathy and understanding if you said your daughter was going out with "this bloke who plays the piano in the local brothel."
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