RAF Northolt - the place to be

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 13, 2012.

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  2. So whilst many soldiers continue to live in poor accommodation, millions was spent upgrading a site that was in bloody good nick in the first place.
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  3. And there are no better places that need refurbing?

    Usual shite.
  4. F'kin double beds???????????????????????????????????

    And as for P/Officer Betts, who the fkin hell enjoys PAYD, lying bastard!
  5. The RAF's PAYD is pretty good so I hear....

    Also SF deserve the best facilities the MOD can throw at them (I mean RAF Regt obviously).
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  6. Bearing in mind that some of the "fellas" have been down there for a few weeks, I doubt all the work was done by civvy companies.

    Can't wait to see Fatbadge's reaction to it.
  7. ""I'm 25 metres away from my meals, 50 metres from work and 400 metres from the gym. I can't really go wrong, can I?"

    Nuff said - the Ryan Air Force.
  8. You have to wonder which bright spark at the press release office decided to run a story that suggests the RAF were "slumming" it to begin with.
  9. At my last (and final unit) we had accomodation blocks that were falling apart because the money to build more new blocks ran out half way through redoing the camp. One lad had to be taken to hospital because in one of the portacabin blocks he got out of the shower and fell through the floor. But as long as the polyester mafia are happy who gives a ****.
  10. If you remember, the Crabs need their sleep. I distinctly remember being told that the worst that could happen if I had a bad night's sleep was me dropping a pencil...
  11. It is genuinely a great location, but you miss the point MOD/RAF SOP is to spend lots of cash on somewhere and then sell it (at a loss)......

    Still it's easy to get into town
  12. 400 metres to the gym, judging from the new recruit thread there are a few cobwebs in that building.
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  13. If that's not a "we've got to much cash and well deserve some big cuts" shermuly popped over the RAF I don't know what is.

    PS the RAF are all *****, if my opinion on them was a little unclear.
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  14. RAF chooses to look after its people, Army doesn't. Nothing new in that, as the Army's tendency to jump into any bed vacated by the RAF has consistently shown. The rules are the same for all (including those on hotels on dets), its how you choose to use them that's the point.
  15. ******* right, being in the Army this makes my blood boil.

    I say enough "ArmyNET"isation and officialisation of ARRSE and ban these fecking feeds, with their propaganda! Why the hell are they on here anyway?