RAF nominated for lesbian recruiter of the year award

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Jan 10, 2012.

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  2. Never argue with an RSS feed.
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  3. Ok, cant access the old one anyway?
  4. I wonder what shit-storm would erupt if the any of the 3 services announced that they were elected by (pick any civ publication except "Viz") as Heretosexual recruiter of the year ? Or, for that matter, what would happen if the Police decided to create a White Police Officers Association or a Heretosexual Cops Association ?

    We try too hard, I think. ******* minorities are the top irritant in society at the moment. Want to save some money and Bandwidth on DII/F MOD ? Then stop pandering to minorities like the lesbian, gay and transgender forums. They do nothing but engender an entitlement creed amongst them.

    Rant-on: For Gay and Lesbian and Can't Deciders - "Frankly I do not care about your sexuality, so long as you do your job as a soldier. Do NOT expect any form of positive action from me. If I write you down on your SJAR / OJAR it is NOT because of your sexuality, it's because you're a ******* useless Soldier / Officer / Black guy / Black girl / Muslim / Irish / Scottish / Welsh person in uniform. "Soldier" is a gender and sexuality free term. Rant - off.
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  5. How about Gingers?
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  6. I like lesbians.

    Is that wrong?
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  7. Have they snatched the title from the RLC then?
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  8. Yep....Gingers included. Sorry Gawrs...did I miss you out ? Depressed about it ? Good.
  9. All good provided it occurs within Shariah guidelines and is Kosher.
  10. I never doubted for a minute that the RAF would win this prestigious(?) award. ;-)
  11. HHH

    HHH LE