RAF Museum makes another huge mistake!

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by bobthedog, Jan 4, 2018.

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  1. I noticed this article in the Daily Telegraph this morning. It discusses the recovery and whereabouts of a Curtis P40 Kittyhawk which was found in pretty good condition having come to ground in the Sahara. Having been found 70 years later in 2012 there was a recovery mission carried out and it subsequently disappeared.

    In 2015 the RAF Museum offered up and donated one of its collection of Spitfires in exchange for the remains of this P40. The P40 aircraft has now turned up at the El Alamein museum, somewhat restored. The RAF Museum is now down one valuable Spitfire and has not achieved a transfer of ownership of the P40.

    Aviation historians express anger over lost World War Two fighter plane given a 'hideous' makeover

    Must be some red faces in the management of the RAF Museum.....
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  2. Well to be honest, the purists might have some grounds for complaint but, from my eyes, the Egyptian restorers have done a bloody good job.
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  3. The restoration looks ok, the big problem is the loss of a major museum piece to the RAF Museum....

    Further research reveals that this hit the press some years ago, for which I apologise. The Telegraph is recycling news to fill its sparse pages.
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  4. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It’s not a bad swap for all the looted Egyptian stuff we’ve got in the British Museum.
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  5. .......the deal was for a company to extract the wreck from the crash site, pack it and ship to a port for export, this they did and the Spitfire was handed over, unfortunately the export paperwork wasn't finished and even though I'm sure all the appropriate bribes had been paid when the Arab Spring hit and a new bunch of corrupt officials took over export was prohibited. Crap contract work by the RAFM. They should have waited until the airframe was in the UK.

    In a totally unrelated matter the head of the RAF Museum is some random civi woman who has no connection to the RAF or Armed Forces but is an 'expert' in the political side of running a museum - she's not keen on those nasty old aeroplanes though and prefers the more inclusive and multi-cultural* 'modern' style of social engineering and the touch screen entertainment approach to museums rather than actually storing and preserving artefacts for future generations.

    *Which is kind of weird because if she knew anything about the RAF of WW2 she'd know that it was more multi-cultural and more of an equal-op employer than virtually anywhere else.
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  6. Can we have our spitfire back mister?

    We won't get many camels for this one Maggie_Appleton.jpg Maggie Appleton head of RAF museum
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  7. I've had worse :D
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  8. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Indeed. Add inappropriate comment about my joystick and some low-level manoeuvres.
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  9. It doesn't look too bad to me, but I like bright shiny things.
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  10. Indeed; I think this has been known about for some considerable time. It’s probably only just hit the headlines because the aircraft has only just gone on display. As an aside, the El Alamein Museum is excellent with some very interesting displays.

    What are the other ‘huge mistakes’ to which you allude?

  11. ........just to be picky.....the Beverly, not rebuilding the Halifax (as promised when they recovered the bloody thing, and don't buy into the 'we always planned to leave it as it was found' crap) Closing the BofB hall, I mean, only them most iconic battle of the RAF's existence.... The selling-off of the Mosquito TIII.......
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
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  12. I'm waiting for it to turn up in a local antique shop
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  13. Lurid paint?
    Better kick this bloke's arse, then...

  14. That one wasn't found in the western desert 70 years after the conflict, a time capsule......

    It came as a kit of parts from the Pacific and in it's return to flight probably lost a bit more of it's 'soul'

    Pacific Wrecks
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  15. I think the Halifax was a funding issue although I agree it’s a great shame that it never got restored; fair point on the Ben.

    To my shame, I must confess that the closure of the BoB Hall had completely passed me by. Is this not part of a wider re-development which I believe is happening. If not, it would be a tragedy as it was very well laid out.

    I’m sure that @Archimedes will have some gouge...