RAF Molesworth - New Int Organisation

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Arai, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. A new centre to collate and distribute intelligence across NATO is launched by Adam Ingram Minister for the Armed Forces, and General James Jones, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, at RAF Molesworth in Cambridgeshire today.

    (Link on MOD Oracle site)

    Does anyone know if there will be any Int Corps involvment in this? - Quite fancy Cambridgeshire.......... :)
  2. It's not that new, more a relaunch - the TA have been turning up at weekends for quite a while now ... accompanied by a curious lack of support or interest from the regs. Indeed, unless it results in a new OC or CO post I look forward to an overwhelming lack of response from Bde. Multinational ops, new technology ... pah ! Let's issue a flash instead.

    Bitter, me ?
  3. I think there has been some involvement in this new int organisation for quite some time.

    I suspect that posts may have been gapped bacause they were hankering to get back to Bulford
  4. I think the Corps involvement was cut some years ago to invent a new Sect in what was then 6 Coy - it moved from somewhere with a real task, good feed, purpose built working accom to a cardboard box in Bulford without even internet connectivity. Progress......................................
  5. I must have missed this one first time round, but can confirm all the above from the_editor. Our LSNs were moved to Bulford. It was a good job too, working with the other Nato Members on a live feed from a fantastic platform,blagging entry to the PX, and regaling Yank Chicks with tales of British Derring Do.

    Those were the days.......
  6. PMSL, Bulford is where the LSN's came from in the first place. I'll give it another 10 years........ Of course the blokes will always be happier in Bulford. How long before they start guarding the vending machines there?

    Another sad loss for UK's place at the multi-national intelligence table. All that work trying to convince the Europeans we were part of NATO and european Intelligence communities.

    All they will see is us going back into a corner with the Yanks, again. Thank god the US analysis is always available to UK and spot on every time. Excuse me, we are looking for Terry Waite: Nah mate hasn't been in our cellar for years

    Another Intelligence-led blow for Defence Diplomacy.

    Not that we ever got anything worthwhile out of the JAC anyway.
    Unless you are the man on the ground :wink:
  7. talking of guarding vending machines, did that ever get resolved in germany? or are the guys still doing it? anyone know anyone out there who can confirm or deny?

    btw i'm sure JAC molesworth was around back in about 93 when i was at JACIG. all these wheels to re-invent eh? :)

    now we just have to wait for a time when they re-invent the british army NOT being deployed to breaking point with inadequate equipment...
  8. I'm told by my colleagues that the TA Coy working in there is looking for a PSI, so if you want to get involved you know what to do. They also told me that "we're happy to fly the flag until the regs wake up" and "we're sure our experience in live UAV feed analysis will be properly used by the Corps when introducing Watchkeeper". Then they laughed a lot, in a rather cynical manner.
  9. Glad to see that 3 and 5 MI are getting involved in guarding the vending machines
  10. They don't run a Vending Machine Operator Course (V) so I'm afraid you're on your own for that one.

    Oh, and 5 MI doesn't exist yet - it's a year or two off, maybe more if we don't actually get some more bodies in. Mind you, be nice to get 3 MI up to establishment first.
  11. Arai old pal,

    Hope you are keeping well. If you like, PM me and I can tell you a little about this organisation, as I have regular dealings with them, since they are a No Action Talking Only or NATO asset. I can confirm for you that there are no Corps positions there at present.