RAF mission to Munich comes up trumps after 70 years

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by sunnoficarus, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. War Deparment_RSS

    Those spiffing chaps of the Royal Air Force have finally come through after 70 years, when one of their bombs directed at the beastly Hun finally goes off in a wizard show of pyrotechnics...

    Fireball Over Munich After War Bomb Blast
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  2. You're better value than the MOD RSS!
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  3. Flying Officer Kite strikes back after all those years!
  4. Yoiks tally ho, spiffing prang, what?

    And several buildings were set on fire. Amateurs.
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  5. That's a bit like waiting for a RAF Helo to pick you up after a weeks patrol, you get the impression it'll eventually turn up but you haven't got a clue if it'll be during your lifetime.
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  6. Sorry to disappoint but it looks like it was a septics 550lb delayed action bomb. A VERY DELAYED ACTION BOMB.
  7. Apparently the German EOD people (they invariably use civvy firms) made a slight miscalculation. Also the use of straw to damp down the explosion was a master stroke of genius.
    20 years ago when I lived in Goch (near Laarbruch) we were supposed to vacate our MQs as someone had found a bomb whilst carrying building works and extensions to the local GCP nick. The RAF drops a 1000lb bomb and 50 years later it hits the cop shop. Genius. Unfortunately it did not go off, but nice try anyway.
  8. In that case, Memphis Belle strikes again after all those years.
  9. Note to whoever does the EOD training courses these days:

    Delete: Time delay fuze, example, 144 hours.

    Insert: Time delay fuze, example, up to 70 years.
  10. Another example of "bomb disposal". About 2 years ago whilst carrying out road works a hole had to be made. Along comes man with JCB or whatever Herman uses and starts digging, and finds a bomb . Unfortunatley for him the bomb took umbrage at having its sleep disturbed. Well they wanted a hole dug. Job done.
  11. Questions are now being asked here about why massive piles of straw was used in an attempt to dampen the explosion, since straw has the inate ability to fly about in the air and catch fire the effect was that of a low performance "Fuel in Air" bomb adding much to the damage and to the spectacle. The crowd control was particularly Bavarian with residents asked to evacuate choosing to spectate on roof tops or in the street instead.

    I suspect that there will be some jackboots, sorry, wellies in and out of intrays in the Ordnance disposal HQ in Hoxter this week.
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  12. Is that German for 'shit yourself with terror'?
  13. Straw?

    The sheer genius of it!
  14. Somewhere in a nursing home in England a gentleman has painted the symbol of a bomb on his wheelchair
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  15. Well it is Bavaria. I'm surprised they didn't try using cows.