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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by samaritan7, Sep 10, 2008.

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  1. Thought I would post my bad expereiences trying to get into areomed for the RAF. After 24 years millitary experience which includes service on Telic as a nurse with the TA working in critical care I was informed that I had to undertake a recruits course before undertaking active service duties. Not only they required me to complete this but take further continuation training which included first aid, anatomy and physiology and leadership. I had allready been a NCO and a commissioned rank but went with their ideology until the chopper at the end of the phone was a bit off with me as I missed one of the pre training weekend prior to recruit training. As a result of this I sacked the whole ******* thing as I thought buracrecy would land me in trouble eventually.

    It was a bit of a shame really as I was quite keen to go on ops and support the guys and gals but was met with a mixture of apathy and red tape. It would have been at least 2 years before I would have been called up as this is how long it takes to get the necessary millitary experience. It appears on the surface that the RAF has not taken into consideration anything the army taught me!!! I was in two minds to write a letter to the station commander regarding the NCO's behaviour as I am sure the RAF invests a lot in painting a positive picture in terms of recruitment and looking after its people. I am now considering employ as a civvie with an american field hospital as the americans look after their people (or led to believe). Good luck to those who are reading who are out or going on ops, the country needs those who have got a big pair of balls. Comments invited ladies and gentlemen please.

    Once a gunner allways a gunner - UBIQUE
  2. That's just sooooooo disappointing.

    I thought we were going to get some piccies.

    I do wish you'd typed this rant out in Word first. I may be a crusty old fart, but pish-poor spelling has reduced the amount of sympathy I might have felt for your plight to zero.
  3. Lead by example - and you didn't.

    sure the RAF can be dicks but shit happens

    take it to the outrage thread or grow some

  4. Let me see if I got this straight, were you going from the TA as an officer to the RAF or the RAFAUX ?
  5. Sounds like you were speaking to a complete spacker of a shiney-arse, pen pushing waste of oxygen who has an inferority complex about anyone better qualified than him, i'd speak to the organ grinder, not the monkey...

    Adminers in the RAF are known to have two types:

    1. Get it sorted efficiently and quickly. (Like my mate Les)

    2. Fcuk people around because it's my only way of showing I have any power at all (Like the mong you met, who incidentally sounds like his charisma-chellenged brother, same trade, worlds apart)

    Sadly it looks like you bumped into "option 2"

    Try the direct approach, go to his office, wound him badly , then patch him up and send him "down the line", he might understand what "skilled" means when he comes out of the hospital!
  6. My other half has applied to the same mob (I assume), they do seem to drag their feet, in terms of contact and info once you have applied. Are they over-manned?
  7. You're not trying hard enough. I remember plenty of blokes from 16AAB 'getting in' to the aeromed chicks in Kandahar on Herrick 4. Some were even partial to a bit of SBS too.

    The blonde, 40-ish bird from London. Loved ATM.
  8. Thanks for all the feed back on this subject, especially to mr cloudbuster who adores Kate bush or spent time in an Air defence regiment looking after the officers ( Mines a Pimms with lemo incidentally) I think if there is another bust up in the middle east and it does not go nuclear there will no such obstacles to enlisting (every man and his dog will be fixing bayonets). The particular unit that I was going to enlist into is undermanned and they take nurses from all disciplines to answer ironrations question. When I went down to visit the unit they had few health care professionals there and it appears they only recruit twice or three times a year. Perhaps everyone is kicking the door down to get in? I hope Mr cloudbuster there are fewer spelling mistakes on this occasion. Take care all

  9. Much easier on the eye, thank you. Doesn't take much effort, does it?

    Best of luck.

    Good spot on the album cover, BTW. Well out on AD.
  10. Have I misread your original post or do you think you could be recruited into an aeromed role? Yes aeromed is undermanned but so are most areas of the RAF, you cannot just be recruited into an aeromed job though, you have to be placed in an MDHU or SMC and apply or be selected for the aeromed courses from there. The RAFMS are obviously stretched with fulfilling its strategic aeromedical role and it has become more difficult to fulfil its forward (tactical) aeromed role as it is a specific type of nurse that is required, you would have to be a current and experienced A & E nurse and there are a multitude of courses and qualifications required for the role. There will have been very few personnel in the section when you went to visit as they will have all been working and some people are on standby at other stations. They do take nurses from all different disciplines, but certain disciplines fill certain roles and they are normally recruited from those persons already in the RAF that have requested to be posted there. I doubt that they will take people on at aeromed as a first tour as the qualifying process is lengthy and there are plenty of people already trained that could walk straight into the role.
  11. Is it possible that, as the original poster mentioned that he was serving in the TA, he may have been wanting to join the RAuxAF?

    In which case, he could go straight into an Aero Med role by joining this lot


    If that is the case, it is a terrible shame that the Squadron can't get their act together
  12. Thanks hantslad, the link you have identified was for that unit. Obviously I had transferable skills, but they wanted me to jump through too many hoops. Previous operational experience stood for NADA as soon as I was on the engagement pathway and spoken to like a week one recruit. It is their loss and not mine! Goal posts get stretched in times of crisis, speaking from personal experience. Obviously we have not got to that time of crisis yet!