RAF Machrihanish sold for £1

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, May 27, 2012.

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  1. Wonder where the RAF send those caught sleeping with someone else's missus now? This place was a favourite for the "24hr notice posting"
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  2. davidflies

    davidflies War Hero Book Reviewer

  3. It's in the middle of no where and is in need of some serious clean up (up to and including a potential radiation leak in the area).

    As for attracting business... it is easier (and closer) to sail stuff to NI than it is to the mainland and driving adds 100s of miles of non-trunk road driving.

    manufacture of wind turnbines and other similar stuff (ie boat hulls, or planes) could be an idea, but the main office will need to be somewhere more civilised (even in these days of telecomms). Likewise it will take a while for the locals' skillset to switch to whatever is to be manufactured.

    £1 is probably the best we could get.

    Although a 1,000 acre 'brat camp' a la US Stylee could be a possible wining solution.
  4. Immigrant welcome area would be a good use of the place !.
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  5. No, we find it more civilised to allow English people to buy or rent.
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  6. I would have offered £10.
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    In a bitter twist of fate I was shagging a bird whose bloke had been posted there without actually doing anything wrong
  8. It used to be the fabled 'Man in the Iron Mask' posting - or was it Benbecula? Whichever it was, a friend in 7 RHA was posted there as adjutant, but to this day he will not tell us why.
  9. My mum found a gunner and his missus lost on a Glasgow bus - they were spending a weekend in Glasgow before heading up to Benbecula and were supposed to be meeting her uncle at hospital where he was visiting his wife.
    All they could remember was the bus number and a hospital starting with "s" so they were on their way to Stobhill, my mum showed them where our house was (next to the hospital grounds) and said to come up if they did not find the uncle.

    Later that night they appeared at the door in a tiz, they could not find the uncle and were stuck for somewhere to stay. My mum got them in got them a brew and a butty, got her calmed down and phoned her dad.
    Auntie was in the Southern General not Stobhill, Uncle did not have a phone, Wife was an idiot etc.
    Mum got the address, they would stay with us and dad would run them to uncle's in the morning.

    Wifey then asked is it nice on Benbecula? I hear they have a beach, I hear it's cold so I brought my cardigan. What a star.
  10. A group of very astute farmers know something we don’t. Thanks to your “Localism Act” they have set up a Community Interest Company for £10.00 then bought the land for a £1.00 and instantly made a profit from Port-Adhair Ceann Loch and Siemens Skycon as landlords!! Similarly they have been exceedingly clever in their negotiations – tying the Ministry of Defence into cleaning up any contamination found on the site. The beauty of a Community Interest Company is – it can get grants and funding from the EU that is NOT available to governmental organizations. Maybe that is why Salmond and his cohorts tried every trick in the book to prevent the deal going through – does makes one wonder if we are seeing the emergence of a Scottish Tony Bliar!!!

    • This is not his first shoddy little political dodge that dates from the political Stone Age you seem reluctant to leave behind. It was painfully transparent and fooled no-one. Two earlier events have made people in the know very suspicious of the SNP (NO, I am not SNP bashing, I am providing factual evidence of political intrigue):The reasons for the quite disgracefully prolonged withholding of the announcement of the change of the Dunoon - Gourock route to a passenger only service until after the Scottish parliamentary elections in 2011? When matters progressed – after the Scottish parliamentary election – as they were clearly destined to do; public distaste and anger at the attempt to deceive for advantage has not dispersed. What goes around…
    It is this precedent that is setting the imperative for conspiracy theorists to be alert to imaginary as much as real moves of a similar kind. And who can blame them?

    In this case, there was a feeling that there was an agenda but not one tied to the short term political advantage of avoiding dissent at the local polls.

    • The latest cunning plan has been for the Scottish Parliament, who are advocating independence, to give away the running of the Northern Isles to a non Scottish company rather than allowing Northlink, a state-owned subsidiary of the state-owned David MacBrayne Ltd to continue. The reason given was such a move will reduce costs, sorry that does not hold true. How the new operator will make these promised savings remains to be seen – crossing times are sacrosanct and there is going to be no reduction in fuel usage to set against rising fuel costs. Then there are the costs of chartering of replacement ships to cover dry docking of the mainline ships will cost over and above the current running costs and the costs of the investment to be made in ship facilities and passenger comfort will be expected to be recoverable from somewhere – probably by cutting crew jobs and salaries by employing cheap East European labour at the expense of the Scottish workforce.
    Answers please Mr Salmond – how many more Scottish jobs are you going to put at risk?
  11. This should have been auctioned off for HOLS4HERO'S.

    I would have offered more than a £1 or £10.

    The site could have made a great off road centre, create jobs, etc, etc.
  12. It's been used for a variety of purposes.

    You wedge have used it extensively for dems exercises. Many a rocket wrench fiasco been covered up there.
  13. No doubt we will be leasing it back at £10,000 a week in a short time for "descrete exercises" - I wonder which politicians/ former senior civil servants are on the make here.
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  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Don't MOD have to clear it anyway?
    I'm sure before they leave it has to be free of all contaminates like radiation weapons etc.
    It's not a case of just buying it for a quid and then finding it's like a suburb of Hiroshima it has to be pretty much the way the MOD found it in the first place.
    Buy the place for a quid sue the MOD fotr £10 million to clean it stick some signs and a fence up and sit back and live the dream.