RAF Lossiemouth to stay yet RAF Leauchars goes to the Army?

News report in the Guardian says so but MOD says no?...End of the day it job's,votes politics.

Defence officials decide fate of two Scottish bases | UK news | guardian.co.uk

The future of two important and historic Scottish bases, uncertain throughout the recent strategic defence review, has been effectively decided.

RAF Leuchars has been handed over to the army, and RAF Lossiemouth – one of the busiest military airfields in the country – remains with the air force.

The plan was recommended by officials at a meeting of defence ministers on Tuesday, sources confirmed. Leuchars, in Fife, will become the home of some of the 20,000 soldiers due to leave their bases in Germany between now and 2020.

The third potential casualty – RAF Marham, in Norfolk, the base of Tornados engaged in air strikes over Libya – will be saved. Fort George, near Inverness, the current home of the Black Watch, is expected to be closed.

The SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson has written to the defence secretary, Liam Fox, demanding a meeting over the future of the bases, the Scotsman newspaper reported.

He argued that Scotland has taken more than its fair share of cuts, with RAF Kinloss, in his Moray constituency, already closed following the scrapping of the fleet of new Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft.

He noted that the SNP represented nearly all the military communities in Scotland, from Rosyth shipyard in the east to Govan shipyard in the west, as well as bases across the Highlands, in Edinburgh, Fife and the north of Scotland.

An MOD spokesperson said: "There is no decision yet on the future of the RAF bases in Scotland. Ministers and chiefs [of staff] are meeting on Tuesday for a regular meeting on defence transformation.

"Decisions on basing will be announced as soon as possible, but it is important to make sure that any decisions made are the right ones for the armed forces rather than rush through the process, so analysis is still ongoing."
The bit about it being handed over to the Army sounds a little suspect to me. While it would make good sense in theory to stick a Brigade from Germany into Scotland, unless or until some decent armoured training areas are provided, it can't happen. It'll be interesting to see how keen the Scottish Executive are to have troops based in Scotland, demonstrated by whether they facilitate the provision of those training areas. I suspect it'll come down to no training areas, no troops, no more money in the local economy.

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