RAF looks to buy more C-17s

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Nuts_McAuliff, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. From Janes

    Not on order yet but not binned so may be good news

  2. Another 2 or 3 would be gladly welcomed by everyone IMHO!
  3. Indeed, and if they get another half dozen might even make FRES worth while.
  4. It's being looked at.

    But "2 x C17", whilst it may be CAS' answer is not necessarily what we want - more DAS equipped pax movers anyone? Remember, this a Defence requirement, not an AIR requirement.

    We are looking in detail at what we require over the next 5 years - could be commercial support, could be C17, could be more Tristar - could be anything, but we're trying not to situate the appreciation.

    And before anyone says it - C17 is a strategic outsize freighter, not a passenger aircraft. And, of note, even 8 x C17 (the original requirement), doesn't buy out the total airlift risk against planning assumptions, even for outsize lift.
  5. You're right. But there is a view that whilst airlift is important, is it so important that it should be resourced more than all the other 'important' things out there?

    I haven't even seen FRES yet. Perhaps the deployment timelines need to have their expectations 'managed'?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Mastiff, Ridgback, Vector etc: it's emerging before your eyes.

  7. Any bets that the A400M programme 'extends' again? because of not wishing to cause ''offence'' to our European allies,we seem to be stuck with these.I wonder if there are any late delivery penalities in that contract? Why not just bin the A400M,at some cost,and get some more Hercs(which are after all proven,which the A400M is not)
  8. Because the C-130 even the J model can't lift a lot of the vehicles and equipment in service or coming in, I'd do it the other way sell off the Herk's and buy more A400's
  9. The Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft (FSTA) contract was finally awarded several months ago to provide the RAF with a fleet of A330s for the AAR and strategic transport role. This requirement includes DAS.

    Whilst it wasn’t what the RAF wanted, particularly the fact it is being done on a PFI arrangement, the Airbus will significantly enhance our strategic capacity.

    Christ, the RAF can't win!!!!! Normally we get a slagging for being too fast jet centric, now we get people questioning the need for C-17!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!

    There are many in the RAF who advocate that. The A400M is arguably too large for use in the sort of tactical ops being conducted by the C-130 fleet. The C-130J is a mature and reliable asset with plenty of potential for avionics upgrades. Canning A400M could allow additional C-130Js and C-17s to be procured and savings to be made in logistics and training support.

    The A400M will in due course be a very capable aircraft, but imho its procurement was primarily political.

  10. Calm down. FSTA won't be in service for years and our problems are in the present not just the future. As for 'questioning the need for C17' - I never said anything of the sort. However, the answer to our problems is not just a default '2 x C17' it may be something else.
  11. Mastiff, Ridgback, Vector etc: it's emerging before your eyes.


    In reality maybe. But 'real' FRES is not these vehicles is it?
  12. The first A330 provided by AirTanker Ltd under the FSTA contract should be in service by mid/late 2011 ie 3 years from now. The AAR capability is set to be introduced by 2014 with the full service operating by 2016.

    I don't know what the intention is during those first 3 years before AAR starts, but would guess that the priority would be to get the DAS working and take over the airbridge, to Herrick at least.

    An interim boosting of the DAS equipped pax-fleet by traditional procurement strategies is probably unachievable within the timescale that would make it a practical proposition. The TriStar-500 has all but disappeared from civilian service and it would be very expensive to aquire and refit a few to boost the current fleet. The MoD could decide to remove the air-refuelling equipment and extra fuel tanks from a couple of it's aircraft, turning them back into passenger carriers, but that would seriously denude the AAR fleet.

    The C-17 must rate as one the success stories of recent years. From announcing the contract to receiving the first aircraft was 1 year, and it has proved itself to be an invaluable asset that does exactly what it was intended of it. In simple terms, the A400M was supposed to about half the capability of a C-17 for less than half the price. Sadly, the price has risen and it now appears to represent poor value compared to the C-17. A desire to increase the numbers of C-17s is good news for everyone.
  13. It may even be 'something else' plus '2 x C17'! :D
  14. Sorry Alfie - your dates are wrong. AAR comes first, followed by civilan AT certification, then AT capability. We're looking at bringing the latter forward. And there are TRI* C2s sitting in the US just waiting to be bought at a snip.....................
  15. Weren't they looking at the C-27J for a while, to do some of the stuff the C-130K's were good at ?

    I know uncle sam has ordered a shed-load (Sic) to replace the Sherpa so they can't be that bad