RAF Linguist redundancies.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Bagster, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. Well the results are out. Obviously not going to name names, but it does seem that a good degree of common sense has been applied with regard to language skillsets selected/turned down. Anyone know whether there were any compulsories?
  2. Rather than wasting money on a redundancy package, the RAF should have introduced the BCFT for all RAF personnel it would kill off more than 20 of the crusty old coffin dodging fcukers.

    But in answer to your question, no, I believe they were all volunteers. :)
  3. Any form of physical test would have done...:D
  4. oh come on 1771, even you could pass the RAF "Grip Test" they used to give the over-40s!

    and no, i'm not making that up :)
  5. Does this mean that the normally glacial paced RAF promotion system will actually pick up a few of those who have genuinely worked hard and deserve to get promoted?
  6. The RAF promotion system has improved significantly over recent years; I think they are now averaging 8-10 years for Sgt, but then it slowed down for CT and beyond.

    I'm not sure how things will pan out post redundancies. The CT rank is going/gone, that may have been the reason for making more CT's redundant than originally planned.

    Either way, it gets rid of some of the dead wood within the organisation, and let's face it, some of these people, by their own admission, were dinosaurs that didn't want to move with the times.
  7. surely if a dinosaur moved in accordance with the times, they would face extinction?

    if all those dinosaurs 65 millions year ago had just dug in and refused any kind of change, we might be sharing the planet with them now. :)
  8. Q. What's the difference between Digby and Jurassic Park?

    A. One is a top secret enclosure filled with dinosaurs.....

    .....the other is a blockbuster movie!!!!!! :wink: :D

    Ah, go on, laugh ya miserable gets!
  9. He's been drinking right?

  10. That's gonna dent the street cred some...
  11. What? More Flight Lieutenants??