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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by buddahboy, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi All,

    Interested in Joining the TA AAC, however closest TA AAC unit is at RAF Leuchars.

    Can anyone tell me if you can join as Groundcrew etc for the Leuchars TA AAC Flt or is it just possible down south?

    Cheers all

  2. No, you have to join as a pilot or as a helicopter.
  3. The Gazelle chaps are being disbanded next year, ask one of the AAC users for more info
  4. How do I join as a helicopter? I should imagine some kind of rotor blade attachment for a start!!

    So no AAC TA in Scotland then!?! Who does ground support for the Gazelles?
  5. TA Engineer Regt in leuchars if that's any consolation? Did Recruiting for RE in Scotland and we were attatched to the Regiment. Recruiters were Regs btw.
  6. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Last time I asked around for AAC openings I was told unless I was ex-AAC reg or civi groundcrew qualified then don't bother asking.

    That was a while ago and at Netheravon, but just to let you know. They weren't even a little flexible, which I was a little annoyed about, even though I was a trials officer at Boscombe Down at the time and probably had more hours in twirlybirds than most people see in a lifetime.

  7. Well that is a shame. I am in Aviation as a profession, looked at joing the forces when younger and thought it would be worth looking into.

    Anything else in the other reserve forces aviation related in Scotland?
  8. Sorry, chaps. 7 Regt's demise has been announced in Parliament. (And yes, S_R, I had frustrations with Netheravon too.)

    Inshallah, 6 Regt AAC (V) will be establishing a second Sqn at Middle Wallop next year. No wannabe pilots, please... The first Sqn in Bury St Edmunds is now well into its AH support role and has already deployed TA IR's to JHF (A).

    You could try the RAuxAF, which has squadrons in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. White nylon socks issued as standard.

  9. Ok then.....am a pilot already which means not overly keen to do that in spare time....just looking for something related but 'different'!!

    Cheers all
  10. Davy Boy, you are miss informed. RETA Regt do not,have not, never will act as ground crew for the 'Flying Chicken Legs' at Leuchars..civi ground crew attend to all their needs. What a loss for the AAC, it will be a sad day when they go...no more jollies :cry:
  11. I can remember when Sappers had their own air troops,and did not need Teeny Weenie Airways.We are also to blame for starting the RAF,from the RFC origins and RE Balloon Companies!
  12. msr

    msr LE

    And you are to blame for starting the R SIGNALS ;)

  13. and REME!
  14. Knew there was a reason to despise sappers :D
  15. Yep,absolutely correct about R Sigs,and also contributed our Transportation/Movements when RCT/RLC formed up.I suppose that shows what a broad range of attainments the Corps has,as well as the need to drop some marginal activties,over time!