RAF Leuchars pilots train in Tay Estuary

Ministry of Defence said:
Typhoon pilots from No 1 (Fighter) Squadron and No 6 Squadron based at RAF Leuchars took to the icy waters of the Tay Estuary to complete essential training drills testing their ability to survive in an emergency situation at sea.

And in other breaking news...

Army trains on Brecon.
Navy trains on water?

Soldier converts oxygen into carbon dioxide during training run... MOD state that soldier had not done requiste course and investigation will be held.
To the RAF pilot who was doing survival training on Otterburn in 1982. Sorry it was my mate Dougi who borrowed your parachute and little life raft. Hope you were not too cold :)
That indeed is shocking news, especially as several thousand oil workers have also trained in the Tay estuary ...there is a training school their FFS!!

What next, Gurkha eats spicey Curry or perhaps, Navy thinks windows in Submarine a bad idea.
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