RAF Leuchars Air Show 2010

This is on tomorrow, I worked at it for 6 years in the 80's and 90's. Seems like a lifetime away now.

Twas a long day for us,breakfast at 4 am,briefings at 5 and then detailed off to our jobs.Our Sqn was always on car-parking =-(

Finish about 2000 and then dash back to the block to get ready for the world famous Eden Club NAAFI Bop. The fillies used to be bussed in from as far away as Ceres and Tayport.

Next day was the Fod Plod and then the Offr's (Zobs as they were known to us then) and Seniors would all chip in and pay for us to get blotto.We always used the Rugby Club/Buffs Lodge. Monday would then be spent recovering out of the way on BFI 5 or 6.

Ahhhhh happy days.

You'll notice Ive not mentioned the pesky aircraft,secondary to eyeing up the skirt they were ^^
I did med covertwice in a hanger on the wrong side of the station, the upside the second time we were put up in student halls in the town. top hold and all that, chalks away sp1ffing a good and very drunk weekend.
I guess the airshows are a bit less hectic than they used to be. The one I mentioned in another thread added that little bit extra for the crowds enertainment although a live scramble by a 23 Sqn Lightning in 1975 caused the Red Arrows to jump out of the way mid-display. I prefered to spend my displays watching from a BFI but occassionally got caught for car-parking. We would wander round the northern loop car park to see if any one was finding "alternative" entertainment to the air show -- invariably there was at least one couple! During the Sunday FOD-plod we would have a side bet on how much ladies underwear would be found!

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