RAF lets down James Blunt - Again!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bokkatankie, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. Who's fault is it that the VC10 is still in use?
  2. That is abit gash, but not shocking when you see the snow we had on tuesday.

    How did he manage to miss the concert though? He decided not to wait and went home? Not like his audience were going anywhere.
  3. Lots of relieved earholes in Afghanistan then.
  4. Perhaps, but Katherine Jenkins was to be on the same flight. She is certainly worth looking at (and I believe she also sings)
  5. East Midlands airport! I hope he gets a medal for that as well as for saving the planet.

  6. [​IMG]

    or maybe not.
  7. Depends where you look;

  8. Marvellous picture....knighthood for PE4.
  9. Call me old-fashioned but any woman with an open mouth not only looks attractive, but is a target of opportunity.

    As for Miss Jenkins .......... whooaaarrrrrrr. Best and only thing that should be allowed out of the Principality IMVHO. Oh, and maybe Sian Phillips for the discerning elder gent.

  10. That Welsh woman on the One Show has a couple of good points too.
  11. What about a knight hood for Miss Jenkins?

  12. She scrubs up quite well imo.

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  13. Would it be deemed rude to say that if this thread were re-named "Great Things To Come Out Of Wales" that it would be the shortest ever ARRSE thread ?? ;-)

  14. 'If' it was renamed then the thread would probably end up in the Naafi or Arrse hole ;-)

    And after reading:

    "The plane had to be emptied but it took almost five hours to get everyone off as no buses could be found to off-load the troops. They were not allowed to walk to the terminal just 75 yards away. No replacement aircrew could be found and the entire flight was cancelled"

    not a good day for logistic's...