RAF Leeming personnel show why they're the Pride of Britain

Ministry of Defence said:
Personnel from RAF Leeming showed why they're the Pride of Britain when they helped the Daily Mirror launch its annual campaign to find unsung heroes.

The last time the Daily Mirror attempted to find people in uniform it decided to publish a few fake photographs, bravo to the RAF for leaping into bed with these lot.


Does anyone with an interest in the RAF actually post on here? Otherwise all we see is MOD_RSS simply reprinting Defence Intranet propaganda.
I enjoyed my time posted to a couple of RAF stations. I do look out for the crabs every now and then, and post on PPruNe. Their caption competition can be quite amusing.

That said, the crabs are such a politically motivated, in-fighting bunch of introverts, so they've shot themselves in the foot I don't know how many times. That gets a bit old, so I'm no crab-o-phile, but I do wish we had a decent air force.

We did,then they closed all the stations in BFG...

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