RAF launch new "RLC TRF" liveried F-15

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Apr 23, 2005.

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  1. [​IMG]

    along with new corps skirt for Ladies Day at Royal Ascot

  2. Looks better on a plane than our arms but since when did the RAF have F-15s. Sorry to be picky
  3. FF, you are a tube. :)
  4. apfsdsdu,

    I apologise, and bow to your superior intellect and wit.
  5. Unrefined but I concur....FF you're a tube!
  6. It's spelt choob!! lol
  7. How can he be a choob, he flies helicopters.
  8. Erm, only if you're 5 otherwise it's the pronunciation.
  9. Thats why its got 2 !!'s and lol after it my friend :)
  10. Touché :lol:
  11. I think he can be a prat and fly helicopters.
  12. I thought the two were mutually inclusive?
  13. Your thinking of the overinflated ego of all aircrew Sangreal. Especially RAF loadmasters. They are without exception cnuts!
  14. I agree. It must be awful being a loadmaster knowing a) Your not good enough to be in the front seat, and b) You're in charge of an electric ramp....whoopdeefcukingdoo!

    It's no wonder they try and big themselves up.