RAF Jokes or P*ss Takes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Funkyman, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. Currently working with the RAF and getting threaders with abuse for being a "pongo". Grateful for some jokes / pics that can be turned poster size and left in very obvious places!!
  2. just tell them that they are a bunch of workshy, gay cvnts who are as much use to the defence community as t1ts on a fish. They also enjoy it when you tell them that the 100 year experiment comes to an end on 31 Mar 2018.

    I pity you mon brave. I hope you're filling a few of them in for me!
  3. More than happy with the 100 year experiment.......see how many of the cnuts sign off
  4. the funny thing is mon brave, is its the truth.
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There was an ex RN cartoonist called Jim Swift who did two books of Navy cartoons called 'Laugh with the Navy' and 'Laugh with the Navy Too'

    He also published a book called 'Laugh with the RAF' which had a colourful cover and the slogan 'packed with all the latest jokes in the RAF!' The pages of this book were blank.

    Maybe get a few copies and distribute them around the place.
  6. I suggest you fake a DIN which describes the formation of the Defence Flying Services on 1 April 2009. In it advise that all RAF personnel will be remustered into the Navy, unless they elect to be posted to the AAC by 16th March. Put in some stuff about drill courses for those electing for AAC and note that officer-pilots RAF will be re-mustered as Cpl Pilots -AAC "because the Army does not commission its drivers" etc. finally add that the wearing of flying clothing in the the new DFS/AAc will be restricted to aircrew, operationally serving and during flying activities only...

    Stand well back...
  7. Tell them to wind their necks in,as they originated from the ARMY, so there for they are watered down pongo's
  8. Sounds to me like you're only getting what you deserve... :p
  9. Funniest thing I heard was the reply from a Royal Naval Senior Rate (NCO) to a Crab after being told the RAF had traditions.

    The Royal Navy has traditions, the RAF were only formed a hundred years ago, they don't have traditions they have Habits.
  10. And their uniform looks like something you find advertised on the back of Peoples Friend magazine that me Nan reads...

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  11. Airborne Crew - are you able to pull your bottom lip over your head and swallow? So at some point you will have been my taxi?
  12. If non-aircrew, tell them you know aircrew call them blunties and constantly refer to them as such. If aircrew, tell them they only joined for membership of a flying club and ask them when was the last time they passed a bft.
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Great Poster Baz. Pity you have such a down on MPGS though :D
  14. More commonly, "it's not a tradition, it's just a bad habit".

  15. It was either that or..."The Naafi won't fcukin Guard itself."