RAF joins Manchester Gay Parade

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Aug 26, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Wonder if they'll mince sideways, then? :wink:
  3. Let's be honest, though... who amongst us didn't have their suspicions about the RAF?
  4. Why?

    Why would any service seek to participate in anything that is so obviously the polar opposite of service culture, officially or otherwise? And no, service culture should not change to suit the (a)morality in vogue at the time.

    Fukcing RAF cnuts!
  5. Are the participants volunteers or have they been "dicked?" :twisted:

    Seriously, if the RAF can now "parade with pride," what if the rest of us want to publicly express our views, on whatever subject?
  6. How about a showing next time Trumpton stroll down the streets with their banners, or perhaps a few of us in uniform at the next "Don't attack Iraq" demo? or wouldn't that be appropriate? :roll:
  7. Perhaps it is the influence of the firefighters rubbing off...first it was calendars in the buff, now it is gay parades. Fresco has a lot to answer for! :twisted:
  8. This will be the same service culture that offically frowns on relationships between people of differing ranks and adultery, but only if you get caught?

    What consenting adults do in private should not be the business of any employer, even if that employer has its own criminal justice system.

  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Bloody right Woopert ! The Forces have standards to keep, and this march is as much a political statement as any other demonstration. I was under
    the impression that we were forbidden to take part in such public political displays.

    If it is about individuals exercising their right to act as they please in private, shouldn't it be kept that way ?

    Is it ok to quote myself ? Buggrit, I'll do it anyway.
    From the Attitude of Crows thread on the Juniors forum.


    But I suppose my attitude confirms to ovine followers of The Glorious Leader that I am just an inexorable homophobic megalomaniac......which apart from anything else, I'm not.
  10. Bloody Right, whatever happened to a sense of Duty! You could find it everywhere at all levels, now you find certain individuals still perform whilst being ridiculed by the "liberal whale loving anarchists". :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    I'm all for freedom of speech, even fought for it, but enough is enough...

    Sorry must lie down, blood pressure up,

    And another thing I look at my children and wonder what bloody world will they grow up in. How long before they have to "learn gay sex education" at school?

    God I've got to go and calm down
  11. How embarrassing for the RAF and in particular the poor bastards who have to run the display.

    There are homosexuals in the service, always have been, always will be, especially amongst certain classes where school buggery is the norm or right of passage.

    It is a subject best kept stum about by those who practice it as it instinctively offends most heterosexuals.

    This pandering to a group of sexual deviants who flout their sexuality in a provocative manner in public is pathetic.

    If they are actively wishing to seek more air stewards they are on a winner, but I thought they had about two planes left.

  12. No, it's why I am honoured and humbled to stand with people who like you see duty not right, and why even though I know that on a personal level there are things we may never agree on, policies I have to implement you may not like, traits you may not get on with, if I needed you or you needed me when the sh1t was flying no matter what the circumstance, or when we could be relied on for the sake of each other. That's why we have such fantastic institutions such as the ABF, British Legion, Regt Assoc's, and mates we would all walk through fire for in a way others just can't comprehend.
  13. This seems to be politically motivated from on high. I cannot imagine any of the AFCO people I know being involved with this sort of thing voluntarily.

    Surely everyone should be treated with equality; gays who want to join should go to an AFCO, the same as everyone else. Why should one specific group be given special treatment? If New Labour are so keen to reflect society, will the Army be running an AFCO next to the Channel Tunnel to try to get illegal immigrants to join? Will the RN be handing out leaflets at the mosque?

    Oh well, Mandelson Sqn, by the centre.......
  14. Maybe the honour guard is being provided by RAF Regiment in which case all becomes clear as I've always my my doubts about them. They all march up Bourneville Boulevard given half a chance :roll: