RAF Jet Axed to Save Cash

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pasty Boy, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2007190301,00.html

    A LEGENDARY RAF jet has been scrapped six months early — to save precious defence money.

    MoD bean counters this week ordered all Jaguar fighter-bombers to be taken out of service at the end of this month, instead of October.

    It has provoked outrage among Jaguar crews, who were given just a week’s notice to wrap up all missions.

    The early disbandment of Jaguars — which have been in use for 33 years and only recently had a multi-million pound upgrade — will mean an RAF shortfall for more than a year.

    Their replacements, the new Typhoon fleet, won’t be ready for ground attack missions until July 2008.

    Tory defence spokesman Gerald Howarth said last night: “I’m dismayed. It’s a waste of money because of its recent upgrade and appalling man-management for the crews.”

    At the aircraft’s peak, as many as 200 Jaguars flew in eight front-line squadrons. Their finest hour came during the 1991 Gulf War, when the jets carried out hundreds of missions to smash Saddam’s Kuwait invasion.

    The Jaguars have had to be withdrawn as a stand-by unit for Nato in times of emergency, the MoD said.

    Group Captain Al Lockwood, former UK spokesman during the 2003 Iraq war, said: “The Armed Forces are being run by the Treasury now.

    “We’re over-stretched, over-committed, and under-resourced. The Jaguar decision is typical — the Government trying to run defence on the cheap.”

    My bold - sadly how true this is!
  2. I doubt if Tone dear Tone could find us a new war in the time he has left and no doubt Gordo will abolish HM Forces on attaning power.
    Isn't basic socialist policy to destroy all that is of high standing in the old system ?
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    I didn't even know they were still flying these still. I wonder how much money it'll save, how many bored pilots are we going to have who don't have enough hours to stay qualified (or whatever they need).

    RN: No ships
    RAF: No Planes
    Army: No manpower
  4. HMG: Noo morals/No Balls/No idea

    Take your pick or add your own :x
  5. Typical Sun bollox.

    There are only 10 Jags left in operational service anyway...
  6. Still a lose, and still a capable jet. might as well just scrap the RAF now, nowt left!
  7. So in summary: the writing has been on the wall, there are only 10 of them, they are not being used to drop bombs on the Taliban and/or insurgents, Nato is doing feck all that requires their participation (3rd shock army is not coming between now and October), sounds like someone has sensibly said lets stop spending money for the sake of spending money. Whinging crabs.
  8. So they've been scrapped 6 months early and there will be a capability gap before Typhoon reaches FOC for ground attack - big wow. As already said there were only 10 or so left, they're not involved operationally and there was always going to be a GR capability gap.

    Whilst I do not agree with the principle of giving such short notice, I had been wondering for some time why we were still flying them - I suspect it was probably just to give the stick monkeys something to do before they move to Coningsby.
  9. If the RAF want to save money how about not flying politicos around with the Queens flight with the costs coming out of the RAF pocket and make the useless politicos use easyjet so the tax payer gets value for its tax pounds.
  10. I thought the Jaguars had been taken out of service already? Or was that just reduced...

    Now now gentlemen, lets be fair, the RAF bean counters are simply doing their job. It costs a lot of money to rent 5-star hotels and they must prioritise!
  11. That will scupper his chance of promoting this year then!!
  12. Only five star, good god, those poor pilots, how they suffer for their trade,
    do you reckon that they will have to give up the lobster and caviar from their horror bags next?????
  13. By all accounts he has sufficient personality and charisma to prevent his future promotion in the RAF for some time yet.
  14. Tad unfair. But more to the point, Al retired a little while ago, and even stood against the PM in Sedgefield at the last election.
  15. In which case let's unleash him with a bee in his bonnet about pay and conditions for service personnel :D