RAF introduces press-up tests for women

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by shaka, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. This topic has been done to death on e-goat and pprune sites!
  2. But not on ARRSE... Are you afraid of those nasty soldiers laughing at you lot?

    I never realised that females in the RAF didn't have to do them. It does seem a little strange that in an age of (almost) sexual equality that woment didn't need to do ANY press-ups.
  3. Once again the media have gone off half-cocked! They have had to press ups just not full the press up. Which is made very clear in the line 'Amended RAFFT female press up protocol to a full press up.' to be found in the revised guidelines for Oct 2007 http://www.raf.mod.uk/structure/raffitnesstest2007.cfm

    So may I say to Daniel Boffey,if I can read it and get it right, why can't you?!!
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  5. 19 press ups or more for men. Thats a doddle
  6. If you look closely at the picture at


    You will realise how idle,ignorant and "Very Mentally Impaired" our f*ckwit journalists are :twisted:
  7. Tory MP Patrick Mercer : "I am astonished that this excercise hasn't already been a staple of the fitness tests."

    You and me both Pad!

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  8. Yep might help if they used UK military in their pic.Lazy , ill-informed git!
  9. The RAFFT is a piece of piss, an average civvy could walk it. Army girls have to do proper press ups, whats the fuss? I know a few RAF photographers who'll be shitting themselves!
  10. Erm....it has.

    Ever seen Crab females out on the town? Legs open 24/7