RAF intercepts 8 Russian aircraft

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by woolyback_bastard, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Sky news 1230hrs reporting that RAF Tornado's have intercepted 8 russian aircraft near UK airspace. Have the cold war games started again?
  2. BBC claiming it was Norweigans doing the intercepting: Link
  3. maybe the RAf has a deal with the russian air force?? to prove that they are still needed and need more money :?
  4. Also on the Beeb that the Norwegians sent up some F-16s


  5. Not a problem. Oh, wait, we don't have a bomber fleet...or anything in Germany.


    Your attention please...Paging the Battle of Britain Memorial flight, Lancaster pilot to the green courtesy phone, you have a mission...
  6. The norweigans usually pick them, "escort" them out of their airspace and inform the boys in blue that they are on their way. Its nothing new just they thought they'd tell us about this time
  7. msr

    msr LE

    The report says they were in International Airspace.

    I mean, Russian plane takes off and lands again is hardly an 'incident' is it?

  8. Always rely on you lot and forces wit to brighten up a dull afternoon :)
  9. It is if it's an airliner: it's a cause of national relief.

  10. :D :D :D :D
  11. Why not simply let the buggers fly about without spending several hundred thousand quid in fuel alone to 'escort' them? Crab air sent 4 tornados, 1 AWAC and 1 tanker. Fuel bill alone must be at least 100k, plus all the other crap (maintenance etc).

    If they touch UK airspace then scramble and shoot the fcukers down (is there any chance of getting Bloodhound to work again?). Or would this be considered rude?
  12. It gives the RAF's fighter fleet something to do for a change...
  13. any chance of merging these threads and making them a sticky ? After all it's now a weeky event in association with RAF media ops .

  14. did they get logged as a flag tour as we had to do with their vehicles in berlin??