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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by DesktopCommando, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Do you thnk Ad Astra has the intelligence to spot a wah?

    Did you?
  2. There's is no way that the little shite could spot a wah if you attached it to his forehead with a nail gun. He would see it as a glorious opportunity to spout more irritating drivel.
  3. I have PM'd him with directions to the Intelligence Corps where he will find himself among intellectual peers.

    but would not be surprised to get a reply from someone like BARBGENIUS, who probably continues to have too much time on his hands
  4. Uuuuh!!! BARBGENIUS isn't real thicko!! :p
  5. Doubtles the R Sigs and Int Corps MCM desk officer that lurks on these threads, will shortly review your record for posting during office hours, Bin Looney .

    I would venture that your promotion prospects, will be just as intangible as those of the ethereal BARBGENIUS.?
  6. You would be correct cuntychops.

    And he's more nonexistent than ethereal. Ethereal would suggest that in some way he exists, when he don't.
  7. Even the mention of Ad Astra's name is like baiting the water with chum......

    Oi fucknuts! Haven't you realised that you are here for entertainment (at best) and have all the charm of a three day old doner kebab. :x
  8. Ewww... 8O
  9. I think its called "Inviting the Tackle" in footballing parlance....
  10. Oops, my bad..... :oops:
  11. Ooh! Adastras' gonna tell teacher!! BADASStra more like!

    Hey Adastra! I heard that RAF jobs at your place are getting given to civvies! Wotcha gonna do now baby?
  12. Civvies taking RAF jobs? Not much actual change in the output then?
  13. RAF Intelligence? Isnt that an oxymoron :D
  14. Better get your posting order in Ad Astra, I hear Benbecula missile range is hiring targets.

    PJHQ IS seeking to minimise it's RAF personnel as part of Strike Commands drive to reduce overheads outside of the purely RAF world.