RAF Intelligence and brainwashing

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. Well he was a darkside crab - what do you expect?
  2. By darkside do you mean blunt or slime? 'Cos if he was slime I would frankly have expected the intelligence skills to come to the fore a bit. But on reading this I can almost sense that the Torygraph wanted to be more salacious, and suspect that there was a point here where his bollocks took over from the brain...
  3. Having seen crab officers at RAF Brampton who had been brainwashed into thinking that combat jacket and trousers, worn with blue shirt, tie, black shoes and service dress cap (plus briefcase but no weapons) was acceptable for excercises this doesn't surprise me...

  4. Presumably he's now recovered from his "brainwashing" as he's taken her to court. Perhaps we should get him on the CAC course to tell us how he managed it.
  5. There are far too many examples of this sort of brainwashing, don't let me start telling you about the Flight Sergeant from 51 Sqn who thought it acceptable to wear his slippers when guard commander at RAF Wyton...oh, wait. Drat!
  6. Sounds just like a certain cavalry officer in the late eighties......
  7. Was that in the days when guards wore blues, were unarmed and often didn't turn up at night?
  8. to be fair when i joined the raf in the early 80s,exercise wear was hand me down nbc kit over blues and steel helmet,a few years later we got a set of combats complete with puttes(it looked like ww1,with some),however just to make sure we did not look to professional it was blue shirts and jumpers with it.
  9. Ha ha ha. Yep, been there and seen that! I was guard commander there and one of my guards (An RAF full screw aged about 92) did the same thing until I told him to keep his fecking boots on all night. Thought that was a one off. I used to like it when the crab police used to come in and ask me to upload and download their weapons. I used to tell them that unless their weapons were digital holograms, it wasn't possible. Blank faces all round!
  10. Oh, sorry, for a moment I thought you were talking about their recruitment presentation team.
  11. I just had a gruesome flashback to an aged FSgt at 26 SU at T'Berg in 1980 - his Rocking Horse (like Active Edge, only we were all going to die much sooner) rig was:

    Trousers blue
    Shoes DMS
    Jersey HW
    RAF raincoat
    Side hat
    58 belt with two RH pouches
    SMG, butt folded, tucked into belt

    No ******* wonder NVA 1MRD and GSFG 6GMRD never tried it on.
  12. The average airman couldn't shape a beret properly to save his/her life.

    As for those blue pack-a-macs that they wear....

    No wonder the get called Ryan airforce. (They just love that).
  13. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    On the basis that we [the RAF] didn't have the kit back then, we were told to wear blue shirts with combat kit.

    I actually got a borrocking, when a Staff Officer at HQ 11 Gp in the early 80s, for turning up on a call-out wearing a green shirt and sweater.
  14. A sweater? A ******* SWEATER!!!! Did they give you a gun and some real bullets in a bullet holder too and make you drive a jeep. A sweater - for ****'s sake. Must be a wah.