RAF Innsworth to Close 2006...wait out on those medals

The new Joint Casualty and Compassionate Cell has just opened at RAF Innsworth as well. Sounds like the standard MoD way of spending money wisely...
Only links still on Intranet. Approx 1k people being lost (half mil half civ). What strikes me is just how quickly they have been able to do this - not sure if Land/AG even near a decision yet?
Nah I am a cheap skate.. £4.80 to cross the bridge and get a medal! you must be jokin...

I am not that desparate!
I'll tell you what will not be missed at Innsworth - The Officers' Mess. It's the most dire mess I have ever been in. It's reasonbly modern and reasonably well built, but a Travelodge has more character (and before the RAF types get on their high horse - character is NOT about putting pictures of Spitfires on the wall).
Aaah this explains why quite a few have been pushed out of High Wycombe and into Dawes Hill.

Well, at least the IT facilities are better (or at least improving) at HW anyway :wink:

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