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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Flip_Flop_the_Gog, Apr 22, 2004.

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  1. Having read the well informed and utterly unbiased article in the currant bun, I have to say I found this rather amusing. I'm sure some will be utterly distraught by the lack of security shown by our crab brethren - but I laughed my tits off. Just one question - some welsh MP, I forget his name but he's not important, has asked for a full public enquiry with the results available to all. Is this a free ticket onto military bases or just a waste of time and money - you decide!!!
  2. Sorry, Mr Tilted HF Antenna, it has been a while since I looked at the site, I thought it too good to not pass on - apologies
  3. Apologise ye not, good sir!
  4. Seem to remember about 10 years ago some Colchester fishmonger (a bloke) was going out at night dressed in 'rig' claiming to be an off duty WRAC major in order to trap squaddies. Obviously the blokes were gagging for some of that so 'she' trapped every time. Loads of times. It all sounded a bit unpleasant really....
  5. Quote:

    The RAF also said the woman ran up a bill in the mess, although it could not confirm the amount. The bill has been paid, but the RAF did not know who settled it.


    Just how much is it possible to spend on Blue Nun and Alcopops?
  6. The Sun article said that the woman's parents paid the bill.
  7. That was probably to try and avoid a scandal. Surely any parent would be embarrassed about their offspring frequenting an RAF Mess?
  8. I don't like your tone. My parents want me to join the RAF as a clerical officer
  9. Why? were you an unwanted pregnancy?
  10. LOL! Nice one Ethel!

    Another ghastly little oik - there must be something in the wind today.
  11. The Snob is either:
    a) C_I_G
    b) a right fecking cùnt
    c) Another ARRSE user who has created a fairly unimaginative pseudonym with which they intend to antagonise the rest of us while pissing themselves at our frustration; flash..... :D
  12. Thanks Slopey,

    I must say I am surprised that the MODS let RAF types in here (and even worse RAF wannabes). Is nothing sacred anymore?
  13. You shouldn't be allowed to say things like that! I was only saying what I think.

    I'm not unwanted, my parents just weren't expecting me to be born.