RAF HT Operator?



Well they clearly have, and fair play and all respects to any bod from any part of the forces who wants to put they're face up close and personal with an IED.

He's clearly conducting MATT 9 in Bastion or aggressively disturbing an ants nest!


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He's wearing RAF Reg flashes
A C/T attached wouldn't have them.

RAF do have EOD teams though.


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Hows tedious is this thread!

I should of feared the worse as I clicked a thread with HT in the title.......
RAF and RE have both had operators pass HT and have successful tours thankfully, none have passed any further courses so to refer to anything as HT/AMT is to classically misrepresent the work.

Hopefully we will see the JS instructors sacked from the Felix centre soonest and a return to a better standard of instructor. You don't get Junior Brecon to teach Junior Brecon do you, you get Senior Brecon to do it.
Congratulations to Dave for his well deserved award too.
Per per per per per per piss off. oh wait wrong looney tunes..

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