RAF honours its best apprentices

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Feb 15, 2012.

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  2. At no stage whatsoever did I laugh.
  3. No mention of 25 meter badges on swimming trunks whatso ever
  4. I didn't realise learning about "hospitality and catering" or "warehousing and storage" counted as apprenticeships.

    However, just wait until the usual suspects find out that these four have been awarded tha QDJM for their efforts despite having only just joined up.

    PS Gemma would get it.
  5. Obviously, gone are the days when an RAF Apprenticeship meant a bright engineering future:-( hospitality, WTF
  6. Quote:
    "Four RAF apprentices were recognised for their outstanding achievements at the RAF Apprentice of the Year Awards."

    Am I being very cynical or does this stink of being a self licking lollypop.

    “And the award for the best Flying Felix at this year’s International Flying Felix Award goes to……………..(usually 10 - 15 second delay used by all the TV programmes announcing winners to try and build excitement)………Flying Felix.

    Stay tuned for our next award, the best chip shop at No11 High Street, Townsvill, Blankshire.”
  7. Does the R in RSS stand for RAF?
  8. Must be a very slow news week, that or the RAF has hit on hard times. Either way thank God I'm out.
  9. "Senior Aircraftwoman Gemma Ward won the RAF Best Intermediate Apprentice Award. Her hospitality and catering apprenticeship has seen SAC Ward excel at RAF Benson. In seven months she supported over 100 elaborate functions in the Officers' Mess that had an impressive guest list, including royalty and cabinet ministers"

    She gets a mention for pulling pints, and not spilling gravy on some officers. ******* tough life in the RAF apparently!