RAF Hercules was shot down - Reid


An RAF Hercules plane which crashed in Iraq killing 10 British servicemen in January was hit by ground-to-air fire.

The plane was more vulnerable as it was flying low, something now being avoided "whenever possible", Defence Secretary John Reid said.

There were also issues over fuel tank design and lack of intelligence about other attacks in the area.


The aircraft took off at 1622 GMT on 30 January from Baghdad airport on a routine flight to the massive US base at Balad - on the day Iraq held historic elections.

The aircraft reported a fire six minutes after take-off from Baghdad. It was reported missing 24 minutes later and the wreckage was found by US helicopters 25 minutes later, about 40km (25 miles) north west of Baghdad.
tomahawk6 said:
Old news there PTP. The report was on MOD web site after the conclusion of the investigation.
Have you got a link? - a bit surprised if it was as the results of the BOI have only just been announced by the SofS to Parliament...

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