RAF helps rescue climbers from Isle of Skye

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Jun 2, 2011.

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  2. Probably the wrong forum for this but do we need more Crab propaganda on here. We all know their PR machine is geared up to get them into whatever media they can, even if they only have a tiny bit of an input.
    A good example being a hospital transfer a while back in which it was a RN crew which did the transfer and the RAF only answered the phone at ARCC to get the ball rolling but it was still put out as a RAF rescue.

    Old and grumpy I may be.
  3. Yeah your right, fecking RAF, all the PR bullspit, I most hated the programme where they flew all them wounded blokes back to blighty. You could tell all them medical folks were faking all that care, passion and consideration they showed to them fella's
    What about that crab Chinook pilot who got that medal after staying at the controls even though he'd taken a bullit in his helmet? pure fiction made up of course the pilot and crew were all really cooks from the RLC.
    Deepcut barracks more crab spin when we all know it was RAF Deepcut and they faked them piccies of them bullying victims to show em in army kit!
  4. ARCC are top blokes - hugely professional and ultra helpful to us plods when we request their assistance and not just with stranded climbers. Whether the chopper that arrives is yellow or red/grey matters not a jot.
  5. The only chopper on this thread is the second poster
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  6. The guy who walked out to sound the alarm ...complete with broken shoulder and hand.....good drills that man. RIP the poor lass who died, and the poor bstd who was at the top of the string.
  7. Polar,

    I'm not saying that the SAR crews don't do a good job, what i am saying is that the Crab PR machine is always on overdrive and if they can link themselves into any rescue or news item they will do.
    100 years of the Fleet Air Arm and the Crab PR machine goes into overdrive to ensure that they get more coverage for something than the RN did.

    Boscastle floods back a few years ago, good job by every one involved but the Crabs are always get the mention for it. One RN crew lost internal comms and did the whole thing using hand signals.

    There are different groups who do the same thing but do they get a mention on here. Coast guard around the country, RN at Prestwick and Culdrose, RNLI, Ambleside Mountain rescue etc.

    If you are going to put one on put them all on.
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  8. By that 'logic' we have to post soemthing everytime anyone does anything that any member of the MoD has done. I don't remember this being the RNLI rumour service... (not knocking what the RNLI do, especially as I've supported them for donkeys years) The RAF do have a link to ARRSE, and being the very junior service you have to excuse their 'look at me, look at me' attitude sometimes......
  9. Couldn't agree more.

    The RAF spin machine is in overdrive at the moment as it works to stem, or even reverse, the cuts it faces.

    Nobody is decrying the genuine work they (a minority of them) do on ops, but the almost incessant drip, drip, drip of PR on this site irks somewhat. And they certainly do put a crab spin on events with only a tenuous RAF link where other services had a larger input, as wafubustard says.

  10. An RAF Search and Rescue (SAR) team came to the aid of a group of climbers who had been involved in a rock fall on the Isle of Skye yesterday.

    Portree Police requested assistance from the SAR team at RAF Lossiemouth after receiving an emergency call relating to a group who were climbing in Glen Brittle in the Cuillin range on the island.

    The Stornoway Coastguard helicopter 'Rescue 100' and the RAF's 'Rescue 137' Sea King helicopter carried seven members of the Kinloss Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) to rendezvous with Skye's MRT at Glen Brittle to assist with the rescue operation.

    The team arrived at 1710hrs to find multiple casualties. Unfortunately, one of the casualties died from injuries sustained during the rock fall.

    Once they had transferred the victims to hospital, the MRT and SAR teams were called back to the same glen to help a man who had been involved in an unrelated accident and had broken his leg.

    Looks like they did "put them all on"
  11. I can fully understand blowing one's own trumpet especially in the current climate but isn't this pretty much what they do day in, day out? I am in no way demeaning the work all SAR crews do but this sounds like a pretty routine SAR task (especially when you consider the MERT taskings etc going on over in the sand pit)?
  12. Just to provide some of the 'balance' demanded and complete the story:
    The RN/RM team even helped finish off the RAF's task described by the OP:

    Overall it was a joint effort so well done to all concerned irespective of service.
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  14. Who cares? All I'm concerned about is if it ever hit the fan for me in Afghanistan one of those nice MERT teams would come and pull my shit out of the fire. They can big it up all they like as far as I'm concerned.
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  15. Say what?

    They normally are joint to some degree nowadays Dunservin and agree, well done to all.