RAF Haltern need some local intel

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MSI64, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. Have to go to RAF Haltern for a DIT course,anyone know what the area is like on the WAZZ need some entertainment whilst i get bored out of my small and perfectly developed tree.
  2. Intel

    It's called RAF Halton.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. In a word its pantaloons!!! But.....its a mile or so tab into Wendover...where you will find some real ale vendors of decent quality.....local chicks....didnt see any....you have to 'urinate in a public place' on the way back if you are to take advantage of the 2nd rate kebab van queue!!!
  4. Cheers so far. Joining insructions said Haltern but its RAF so that explains alot
  5. I may be wide of the mark, but the only Haltern I know of is in Germany, is a large open area once used by troops for running about in, and gets parky in wintertime.

    If your course is in the UK, I think it safe to assume it's RAF Halton.
  6. Aylesbury is the local town, Yates,Chicago's and all the theme bar/pubs are in the town centre, nothing outstanding to recommend, The Grapes is pleasant and the women are agreable(from cinema,threw arch into town square, on your right).
    There are a few old type pubs dotted around that are also ok, avoid the Falcon, and the other nasty little club at the top of the square (forgot its name)
  7. Now alli need is some p**s Heads to go with, you cant really take a course like this serious
  8. Oh yeah, some of the MPGS are from that area so they're worth asking for a low down.
  9. ISTR that Halton was an RAF hospital, then a training camp for RAFP then , and it still may be, the basic training camp for airmen entrants
  10. God it seem to get worse Boring DIT course and a camp full of crab nigs
  11. Are you sure you really want to go ?
  12. If you are on the DITz course, most evening sare spent prepareing lessons apart from Wednesday...

    I was there on the DITz trainer course earlier on this year... the DITz students seemed ocupied most nights, however the DITz trainers had a slightly easier schedule.

  13. I cant see myself having to be up till the wee small hours just writing lesson plans surely???
  14. Staying up into the wee hours....on course....doing homework? Preparing lessons?.....when there is cider to be drunk down town?? You must be missing the point here!!! 1. Its only a pass or fail thing......2. You dont get extra pay if you pass!!!!

    Have you not heard of the phrase 'off the cuff'?
  15. Halton is our recruit training camp, along with a few other Trades (Supply, RAFP, Admin and a few others I think). Most of the instructor courses seem to be pretty busy most of the time with only a little drinking time possible. You'll find people in other services drink beer too you know - they might even be on your course.