RAF Gunners join forces with US Marines in Helmand

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Oh no, not another one? The Crab Spin Machine coughs up another newsfart, sorry, non-newsfart: The RAF Regt do a perimeter patrol - whoopee-*******-do!
I think the title is arse about face. It should read "US Marines join forces with RAF Gunners in Helmand". And where's the picky of the 4.5 metre stare with a very angry look attached?
I'm serving with some RAF Reg and I think they're rather nice chaps.

I think one is in the queen's flight, but hey, it's OK these days, I'm comfortable with that...


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shouldn't this read 'raf regt concerned about nasties on the other side of the wire, USMC blows the shit out of everything and anything out of habit while they look on'


All the phots in the article are of RAF Reg looking on, as USMC fly about in their helicopters...
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