RAF Greencastle

I need some info on the above place. It was located abot 2 miles south of Kilkeel and to my knowledge it was in use as an acclimatisation (climate) for the American bombardment groups.
My late Father in Law saw active service as a bombardier / navigator I I know he completed his flying training in the USA down in the warm southern states but there is a 3/4 month gap between his final pass off at the flight schools and starting active duty. The bombing range was I believe on the flats between Kilkeel and annalong (now a cattle market). So there is a possability that he or his crew may have been trained there.
Suggestions warmly welcomed. I am in the process of contacting the various offices in the US with the same views. Somebody out there must have the info.

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try the airfield information exchange on the internet,
"i'm sorry i c'ant do a linky cause i'm a bit of a thickie"(with computers)
if they c'ant help i'm sure they will know some one who can. :D
Cheers for that, some nice pics there. I guess the US site will have a better chance of tracing the people.
I remember going down that way on school trips. We noted that the dry stone walling, so prominent around the fields in the Mournes, was different here.

Apparantly it is made from slabs of broken up runway...


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RAF Greencastle (GQ) opened July 1942, Unused until USAAC/AF took over in August 1943, reverted to RAF in May 1945


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Some years ago, my ahem, 'work' led to live in the area and I became firm friends with the guy who lived in the local stately home - Mourne Park (now sadly deceased and the estate the subject of protracted litigation amongst his family). He told me on various occasions that the main house and some of the grounds were occupied my Americans during the War. Imagine my astonishment when I spotted an American war-time jeep radio (sorry can't remember the type) sat on a table in his mahoosive kitchen. Apparently 'they just left it when they moved out'!. I believe that these chaps must have been operating from Greencastle as it is only a couple of miles away.

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