RAF get the anoraks in

Didn't read the article but the headline sounds like the accommodation at Maindee barracks.

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Civ plod have done it for years around Gatwick - the spotters register with the local plod office and get a pass which allows them to watch around the perimeter and thus dont get moved on by the plod on the basis that they report anything suspicious.


Considering where most of the cleaners come from, I'd imagine the accommodation is quite luxurious in comparison.


And don't forget the Somali Warlords as taxi drivers.....well here over in the west.
Don't seem to see that many Somalis over here. Up until recently it was Gupta and his mates driving cabs until immigration started hanging around the cab ranks.
Looking at the comments section I found a snippet from someone who is actually living at "the camp"...

"@daisy it is extremely easy to be hygenic, I have never qued for a toilet, or a shower, they provide sanitary bins. Yes the cabins aernt cleaned and tidy... But would you expect someone to clean your mess at your own home? We are well feed 3 times a day there is a on site nurse if we are worried about anything! Most importantly due to the high rainfall there has been flooding round the country... The camps no different and it is cleared as soon as possible there has been no rats nice or anything!... Everything has been made out to be so much worse than it is."

So...the papers exagerate once more...there is a surprise.

What really gets me is the fact that vast areas of public ground, such as Hainault Forest, have been sealed off, flattened and used to accomadate "workers". I hate the fact that someone is making money out of public and community land.
I forgot that eastern Europe was your source of cheap labour. We use Indians and Sudanese to clean our bogs and deliver pizzas.

I suppose it's not a good look, but it reckon it stops them getting robbed?

"RAF get the anoraks in
Ok, it's the Wail, but the bit about the RAF getting plane spotters involved in base security is "interesting"...

London 2012 Olympics: 10 to a room and 1 shower for 75 people: Inside the 'slum' camp for Olympic cleaners | Mail Online

Perhaps it's me, but isn't this just an ever so slightly fucked up state of affairs to be in?"

OP - yes it's just you. Spotters know everything as far as air movements are concerned. Their global network of contacts works at the speed of the internet/mobile phone. If treated nicely (by which I mean 'given the opportunity to observe at a reasonable distance and occassionally look around an aeroplane') they provide a rich resource of intelligence. This mirrors exactly what the boys and girls do every day out in Helmand - talking to the locals always gets you the 'hot poop'.

But, as this is the NAAFI, in the immortal words of Rude Kid in Viz: "Go piss up a rope, fuckstick!"
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