RAF Force Protection Wing trials the new Foxhound armoured vehicle

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Sep 12, 2012.

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  2. and at only £6bn over budget and 4 years late its considered a real bargain at The MOD procurement office.

    Unfortunately it's not being used in areas with a higher operational tempo as it's fitted for, but not with...

  3. It passed its 'parking outside the EFI' test with flyng colours.
  4. What the **** is a Force Protection Wing?
  5. Wah shield up, and without wishing to be somewhat obvious, a Wing, the function of which is to deliver force protection.
  6. What, in this context is a wing?
  7. It's task org'd for the circumstances, but at BSN its a Wg HQ with an RAF Regt Sqn, RAF Police Sqn and RA Sense & Warn Bty under command. Plans, integrates and provides C2 for all the base defence functions, in conjunction with USMC bn doing the same for Leatherneck.
  8. At a guess, I would think that a wing is a body of men made up of two or more squadrons, and that two or more wings would constitute a group. HTH
  9. Ah the weird RAF system at work again, you have Groups, Wings and Sqns. But then to confuse us all you have the RAF Regt., surely as that is a gathering of Sqns. it should be the RAF Wing or Group of Wings, thus Group. A Regiment is an Army thing.
  10. So this brand spanking new vehicle is yet another breed which is going to cut around bastion doing **** all.
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  11. Bit pedantic if you don't mind me saying so. The British Army used to have armies and corps (as in formations) but doesn't now, that doesn't make it illogical. Couple of points:

    Ref the bold, not according to the last King, who demanded that it be thus styled when he signed the Royal Warrant for its creation.

    RAF Regt Wgs are already part of a Group - No 2 Group.

    Also note, they are deliberately not called RAF Regt Wings as they are not, they contain elements of all sub-units required for the delivery of FP for the base.
  12. The King signs what is put in front of him, how on earth do you think we ended up with the RAF in the first place?

    As to the rest, please do try and get just a hint of a sense of humour! Or are you now the RSS RAF feed spokesperson?
  13. The booties have a regiment.
  14. That is because RM were originally Army, try reading a history book :numberone:
  15. Cdo Logs?
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