RAF Force Protection Wing defends Camp Bastion during Taliban attack

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Sep 19, 2012.

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  2. Standby . Oh regaining control look , that's nice . Maybe not losing control of it in the first place would have been better drills .

    NEXT !!
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  3. After the initial fire fight, 51 Squadron regrouped. Commanded by Squadron Leader Kev McMurdo they then systematically moved through the airfield ensuring that they cleared all the surrounding buildings and hangars. Assaulting one insurgent position and clearing the Harrier parking area, any remaining insurgents were dealt with quickly and effectively.

    So, the 'toms' and SNCOs did the hard work and then the hossifers decided to turn up for tea and medals. Did room service not warm his boots in time?
  4. So the Sqn did a Sqn Op of sorts and the Sqn Ldr was there I fail to see the problem.
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  5. I'll pull up a comfy chair and put the kettle on. This should be good for a laugh...


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  6. Here we go again...
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  7. Its rumoured the remaining insurgents are claiming asylum as they can't go back to the Taliban now they failed. They have been given a 4 bedroom house in Mayfair and living allowance while they bring a private prosecution against the RAF for killing their friends . Gen dit eyebrows
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  8. Whatever any of us think of this just be thankful the Taliban didn't get their shit fully together it could have been a lot worse.

    lessons to be learnt.
  9. why? Lessons are never learned, only identified!
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  10. There's the problem then.
  11. See that's how to do it!!! Send a few more CCS qualified techies out to the FOBs with a few girlie WRAFs (sic) and everyone can go home.
  12. And in other news, the RAF is set to replace all it's aircraft with RAF Regt. Toms as they actually shoot and kill the enemy; for the last 10 years it was thought they were nothing more than a bunch of posing gobshites who could only be trusted to man a gate. The RAF PR Spokesman Wing Commander Gibson said that in light of the skirmish all RAF aircraft are now grounded and the pilots have been re-assigned to making the Toms tea.

    A spokesman for the Army said that whilst it was appreciated that the Oakley clad heros had indeed performed their job, you know the one they are trained for and have had ten years to practice, he was****ed if he would admit it.

    A spokesman for the Navy was delighted with the news and asked when they could pick up the aircraft and use them properly!
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  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Can we move this to the NAAFI please? Come on surely the new vehicles would have kept the fuzzi wuzzies outside the wire or did the Gatling Jam? I know, they didnt believe the PR! The FWs that is!
  14. I thought lessons were learnt circa Crete 1942? Some sort of armed force for the crabs that patrolled OUTSIDE the wire to prevent nasty types from damaging airycraft ? I just bet these ******* were somewhere inside the wire at starbucks looking warry .
  15. One would assume the RAF type chappies would be bimbling about outside the wire to stop the fuzzie wuzzies blowing holes in it and being all naughty when they get inside… or am I missing something?
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