RAF Flt Lt refusnik in Court

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RogueTrooper, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. Saw this last night on the News. 8O

    RAF Officer appears over Iraq refusal

    Initial view is that the guy has given the 'Officer Corps' a bad name, leading (or not) by poor example :? .
    Similar to a recent story about a SNCO refusing to go on ops as his girlfriend had been assaulted and 'needed' him at home.
    I doubt if either of them will be able too look their lads in the eyes again.... :?:
  2. They should be strung up in the tower for cowardice in the face of the enemy!!!!
  3. Was the SNCO a crab as well??
  4. Hmm, it would appear from the article that some soft sod thinks that a court martial will take the time to consider the legality of the war itself.
    Somebody needs to sit his civvy brief down and make him watch Breaker Morant. (Or at the very least the "Corporal Punishment" episode of Blackadder Goes Forth.)
  5. As i understand it, this same bloke has already done 2 tours of the sand pit. Has he just decided now that its an illegal war, or is he just fed up with deploying and adopted a bizzare method of tour dodging!
  6. Cnut - kick him out. He was obviously doing well as a flt lt at 37...........
  7. Get rid of him, my personal opinion for what it's worth is that he is at the very least damaging morale of the troops and potential recruitment.

    Wonder what his men think of him????

    On second thoughts what if all of us thought of a reason not to do our duty :? :? Maybe we are all wrong........Naaaaaahhhhhh!!! Fight and be damned 8)
  8. Lot of double-barrelled names here.......perhaps that says something... :wink:
  9. Do they have men?
  10. Listen guys - he is a doctor. Waltz in with a medical degree straight as a Flt Lt. Sit in the med centre giving out sick chits to sprogs and drinkies in the mess.
  11. Ginger Magician, I think the guy is a Medic/Doc so his age (37) doesn't mean anything. those guys are on a different career path following 4/5 years at medical school and post training appointments. So what if he has a double barrelled name?
  12. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    If he felt that strongly about our "illegal war" or what ever he deems it "after studying Lord Goldsmith's legal advice" (a closet lawyer too......), he should have resigned. He should be not making some sort of misguided smart arrse political statement still wearing the uniform. IT IS NOT WHAT WE DO.
  13. As I understand a soldier (in any country) has right to ignore illegal orders. What would you do if your general would order to kill his wife?

    Personally I think that Iraqi war was illegal. But it is only my private opinion and I believe that from point of view of British law the war was (and is) legal.

    This discussion is (as I see) an exception from common rule - don't discuss pending trials on this site. I'm interesting - why?
  14. Seems to me that he has been happy to take the cash - 7 days a week / 52 weeks a year - up till now. Shouldn't have joined!
  15. Sergey could be right here.

    Seen as it's gone to trial, should we be discussing this? An answer please PTP?

    As an aside, I agree that he should be discharged. It is not up to him to decide what is and what is not legal.
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