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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jest265, Aug 11, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong board, I didn't really know where to put it. Does anybody know about the RAF flights that are available to army personel on the cheap. If so, do you know if they are available to ex armed forces or do you have to still be a signed up member.
  2. Indulge my dear fellow.

    Call the movers at Brize and they will tell all (assuming they ever answer the phone).
  3. Weird fact of indulgence flights. MoD Civil Service are eligible, but TA are not. :roll:

    One service my arrse! :?
  4. You need to be still serving - ex-service can't apply.
  5. So TA can't????

  6. Auxilliary Movers aren't allowed them either.
  7. I'd not bother. They don't go to that many good places and if the flight is CANX, diverted, re-scheduled, then you're knackered really.

    Wherever you want to go (within reason), there is probably a reasonable cost flight out there. I'm light blue & Movs & I don't bother. Take the hint!
  8. Ummm, it needs to be said, but if you are 'light blue & movs' there's no surprise that you can't be bothered and what would you know about flights going to where they are supposed to or when they are supposed to anyway? No wonder you'd get a civvy flight.
  9. Plant - just topped up my company frequent flyer miles to the hot place, around the hot place and back again. I'd have to say a big sorry to the guys that came back from there on the same flight - an hour early back to the UK. I hate it when we do it better and it isn't noticed.

    I also appreciate the limitations in running a limited service with limited assets across the globe to remote places without spares support.
    I also give a toss when I'm working. When I'm not, I want to make sure my time is best used and I don't go to places where I might bump into work. The indulgence system used to be great - when we were flying regular PAX flights to 'normal' places and doing lots of exercises. Now we're concentrating our efforts on real ops in cruddy places, it kinda limits the options. Pr1ck.
  10. Hang on, I am getting flashbacks to the classic I hate Movers / I hate the RAF threads.

    I think that Movers and the RAF are both great

    big knobs
  11. Being ex mil, we were told we could from Kabul to Brize, then we were told we couldnt as we had no ID for Brize, then we were told yes because we have NATO id, then were told no because the id wasnt recognised?
    One of the flighties is having a word.
    Answer to your question, FCUK KNOWS....... wait out........
  12. I want to get to the Falklands so there isn't a cheap civvy flight, it is really expensive to get there. Oh well if they won't let civvies I won't be going. On a note about Kabul, my uncle just got out and is now a civvy working in Iraq, he has been flying into Brize when he comes home, not sure how he has managed it.
  13. Jest - civvies can book onto the MPA flight - I just think it is about a grand a throw. It was last time I checked anyway.
    I also believe that some of the companies in Iraq have sorted contracts with MoD to put their guys on the flights in/out of there. It is way easier when standard PAX jets are not used for this to happen - they fly to CAA regs after all.
  14. I'm still thinking of calling my military biography "I was a prisoner of the RAF"....
  15. Funny how the RAF only ever breakdown where there is a 5* Hotel. I bet it does n't happen too much in the Falklands ! It does n't matter as you will all be redundant soon anyway - role on Virgin !!!!!