RAF Eurofighter Typhoons 'beaten by Pakistani F-16s'

Lewis Page, so therefore needs a pinch of salt ..... But still interesting

Pakistani pilots flying modernised versions of the 1970s-vintage F-16 Falcon fighter have beaten the RAF's brand-new Eurofighter Typhoon superfighters during air combat exercises in Turkey, according to a Pakistani officer.

This interview with an unnamed but evidently experienced Pakistani Air Force (PAF) F-16 pilot on exchange with the Turkish air force, posted on the official site of the PAF display team, includes the following intriguing passage. (Hat tip to the excellent DEW Line blog for flagging this up.)
Q: Any particular reason for your success?The Anatolian Eagle air-combat exercises are hosted by the Turkish air force and would have seen Pakistani pilots on exchange with the Turks flying modernised Turkish "Block 50" F-16s, a much-upgraded version of the original US made 1970s Fighting Falcon, which is now in service with many air forces and assembled under licence in various countries including Turkey.

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Interview with pilot PAF Falcons - PAF s' Specials - Pakistan Air Force Viper Pilot however I've not been able to find any confirmation that RAF Typhoons took part in any international Anatolian Eagle exercises. This sounds very political, like the Pakistanis trying to frighten off India from buying Typhoons (instead of international aid perhaps UK could just give India a few Typhoons).
Now you've made me dig! ANATOLIAN EAGLE The UK (England) participated in 2009 with Typhoon Anatolian Eagle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, not 2010 and doesn't read like 2011 either. So at best a 2 year old story with an aircraft which would have been restricted in what it was allowed to do (because you're not going to broadcast it's capabilities to nations like Turkey).
A recent article making rounds worldwide containing claims that PAF pilots scored Typhoon kills in their F-16′s resulting into total embarrassment of RAF and the much hyped Typhoon fighter aircraft seems to be a tall claim to believe. The reason why I think that these claims are hard to believe is because of one basic fact that both the PAF F-16′s and the RAF Typhoon have never come face to face in a DACT (Dissimilar Air combat training). The last time PAF and RAF were in a exercise together was at Ex Anatolian Eagle 2007/2 where the Pakistani’s were present with their F-16′s but the RAF sent only the GR4 Tornadoes. Thus the basic claim of Pakistani’s fails to be true.
The only other place where PAF pilots were able to score a kill over the Typhoon was during Ex Anatolian Eagle 2009/2 were PAF pilots were flying in Turkish F-16′s on an exchange program. According to some people with knowledge of this incident, the Typhoon pilots were flying in as the “Red Team” where as the PAF pilots were with the “Blue Team”. The Pakistani scored the kill from a distant rather than in a Dogfight. Thus the second claim of a dogfight kill also seems untrue. Also in DACT the “Red Team” is meant to loose and the “Blue Team” has advantages like those of a AWACS.
Another important fact which one must note than under an exchange program only young pilots with lower ranks are transferred rather than “senior officer”. That being said the PAF pilots are known to be good in within-visual-range (WVR) combat and such a revelation should not be taken as a surprise and a means to downgrade RAF or the Typhoon. In a real WVR combat the RAF Typhoon would win over the Pakistani F-16′s with ease because of their superior sensors and maneuverability.

Still,whatever the 'facts', let's not pass up the opportunity to bad mouth us Crabs and our waste-of-money air superiority capabilities, eh?
haven't the Typhoon and F16 gone head to head a few times in the USA and the Typhoon came out on top?

can't find much concrete on Google about that either though.
No no no. It MUST be true, because His-Holiness-Le-Sharquey of the Planet "Embittered-Old-GL-Fishead-Tosseur" says so...........

Sharkey's World: 9. The RAF

Apparently the RAF put 267,933 Typhoons up against a solitary F16 (which was on the ground and not even powered up) and all the useless Crab ******* got shot down and killed. Yeah, so there.

Whereas, if it had been the mighty Ark Royal (cue rays of light & angel choirs singing) with 9 Navy Harriers (those'll be the ones which were OpCon/OpCom AOC 1 Gp RAF) then at the sight of the Ark steaming over the horizon the PAF would've all shat themselves and run away home crying....................
All the RAF "TopGuns" were nursing horrible hangovers. And very sore bottoms.
As has been said, it's old news and somewhat embellished by the good Mr Page.

The truth is, the Red Arrows were in transit back from Afghanistan where they'd been providing air support for UK ground forces following the demise of the Harrier and the fact that bombs have an annoying habit of sticking to Typhoons after the Scottish crab in the cockpit shouts "Ah fukkin' said bombs away ya bass" into the voice control system for the third time and all that happens is that the arse heater on his ejector seat warms up.

As a "thank you" to the ground staff at Ankara airport, the Brylcreem boys put on a little display for them. Unfortunately, there was too much "Post Vindaloo Diarrhoea Red" colourant in one of the fuel tanks and the "Red, White & Blue" smoke finale turned into a pretty good approximation of the Indian flag.

Naturally, the Pakistani pilots took grave offence, took off and shot down as many RAF Hawk trainers as they could. They also mistook a Ryanair 757 full of Chavs en-route to Ibiza for a refuelling tanker and hit it with a broadside from their guns. The noise of the impacting .50 cal shells was drowned out by the noise of the mile high club in the Boeing's kahzis shagging blokes they'd just met so nobody noticed.

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