RAF equivalent of ARRG?


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Do the RAF have an equivalent or do you just hand your kit in and go?
From memory I was only allowed keep #2 & #1 dress, shoes only not boots. All I have left is the Beret. Once I moved out of UK I was placed on some inactive code & gave all kit to squadron to give away to deserving cases.


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Royal Auxiliary Air Force is much the same as the TA although there is no need for regulars to join. or carry out any sort of reserve service.
Finger on the pulse. What you mean is that the RAF Reserve is ‘much the same as’ the Army Reserve - which is more or less correct.

Ex Regular members of the RAF do have residual liability similar to the Regular Army and the RAF is better than the Army at keeping tabs on its ex-Regulars.

If you read the Integrated Review (IR) you will see them referred to as the Strategic Reserves.

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