RAF Endure Hardship

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bluebells, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. Page 3 Royal Air Force NEWS Mar 17 2006.


    Below is an extract from the RAF news exalting the daring deed of our illustrious colleagues in light blue.

    ‘ Tristar crews from Brize Norton-based 216 Sqn have begun missions into Afghanistan in support of coalition operations. ‘

    The Squadron Commander's interview shows the hardship that the crews are forced to endure.

    ‘ We have around 490 people on the Sqn and 90 per cent of them are deployable. Operational deployments are a way of life on the squadron and living in a tent in Basrah has become a weekly experience fro many on the Squadron’
    ‘ It’s a surreal experience for personnel to leave their homes and families to fly into a high threat operational environment in a matter of hours, only to return home a day later’
    ‘ To endue that lifestyle for the last 12 months and for the foreseeable future is a challenge. But it is one that the squadron’s personnel have met with professionalism.
    ‘It is not to say for the servicemen who complete four months that their duty does not bring its own demands. But to keep mixing the operational and domestic environments can be hard.

    I have posted this in the Naffi forum to help ensure the gallant sacrifices that the pilots and crew must be enduring are widely acknowledged by a wide army audience.
  2. You're being sarcastic, right? :roll:
  3. communting to work is such a grind.....
  4. Bet they are never delayed 3 days at the end of their tour because

    a. No aircraft
    b. Aircraft broke
    c. Crew over their hours
    d. Emergency halt for 3 days in cancun
    e. Any other excuse they can come up with

    Tos+*rs the lot of em
  5. Gosh! Living in a tent! Puffs.
  6. Tents is the best place for our boy scouts... I mean boys in blue...
  7. Somewhat of a generalisation i fear!
    Moving on, on Telic 1 it was good to see the EHT's doing such a marvellous job at Shaibah! (Must've been 75% of 34Fd hosp staff ill with D&V!!)
    'Not our fault' i hear them cry! 'Your assuming we're all cr*p'.....there's a moral in there somewhere (see above, right about where it say's 'Tos+*ers the lot of em'.
    Ha ha
    Plus, anyone who supports Chelsea can hardly be considered an authority on anything, can they?

  8. And they would be correct. The RAF loves to take the glory and blow its own trumpet, but considers a few extra hours work, a bit of graft and tented accom to be the stuff heroes are made of. Bo llocks

    Get a grip you bunch of shandy-swilling, rubber desk johnny quilt monsters
  9. Please please please do not confuse the whole of Crab Air with the whingeing wnakers who fly shiney aeroplanes out of Brize. Just look at the good stuff done by the heli and herc fleets who are just as used to living in tents as their user units.

    The lovely(*) trolley dollies and their pink flying suited drivers are all wannabe (but not quite good enough) Branson crew and if they have no access to hair straighteners and mascara will invoke every rule in the book not to go to a place. Contrast that with the SH and C130 lads and lasses who will do their utmost to get the task done. I have been personally involved with short notice compassionate tasking where the crabs have managed to get people home in short order to see gravely ill relatives.

    Tristar. The whine carries on after the engines have stopped!

    (*) This refers to their ability to change from complete gompers at the beginning of a tour, to stunners at the end when lets face it if it got tits and casts a shadow you would shag it!
  10. Its known to other arms and services as 'doing what you get paid for' - nobody else crows about it.
  11. Can't fault your reasoning there and the in theatre assets rarely get featured in the Back Slappers Weekly, sorry RAF News. Much the same as if you pick Soldier Magazine up you can read about dog handlers in Aldershot not the poor sod on stag at Shaibah. Its newsworthiness not actual achievement that gets the paperspace.
  12. Most aircrew and aircraft techies can be accused of having an easy life (hotels etc), and so when they do go into an environment that is not usual for them they are bound to moan. There is not a lot wrong with Z-type accommodation, but a Brigadier would probably whine if he was put into it! That said, aircrew and their techies are overpaid and have ridiculously large egos. Please don't tar us all with the same brush (the majority if us don't touch an aircraft unless we're been flown to Basra on it).
  13. It can be tough for the Crabs. I was in the cookhouse in Brize one day and the salt cellar at my table had run out!
  14. I hope you complained!!!!!
  15. This attitude just shows what happens when you get promoted within an organisation for being good at playstation games rather than being able to command men and women. With any luck they will soon be disbanded and their functions distributed between the Army and the Navy. Then we can get our own back for all those miserable days spent stranded at Brize.

    Run by air crew for air crew. That's the RAF for you!