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RAF Documentary


Airborne_Aircrew said:
Took the thick cunt two goes too...

HEY STUPID... There's an EDIT BUTTON....

Morons, utter fucking morons thet lot of them....
And it took 2 dimwit rockapes to reply to a user with "O2 Thief - Do Not Respond to tackle him :roll:
Replying to a thread that's a year old and deader than the Queen Mum?

Who's really the tit, Flossy?

Go on, admit it, you thought it was this June, didn't you?
flossy29 said:
Airborne Aircrew?

Tea coffee boiled sweet sir??



You went out of your way to create a new sock puppet account to reply to a year old thread and call someone, wait for it.... a knob! Were you too scared to utter such vile profanity from your usual login?

Pot and kettle spring to mind

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