RAF deploy to Malta to enforce "No Fly Zone"

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by bolo beret, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. The MOD has just announced that RAF aircraft have deployed to Malta to enforce a military no-fly zone over Libya. Their role will be to enforce UN Resolution 5.386 - "To deny the Gaddafi Regime the facility to commit genocide on the people of Libya."

    The RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight comprising a Lancaster Bomber, a Red Arrow Hawk and a Spitfire have been sent, as that's all that is left of the RAF. A last minute decision by the government stopped these aircraft being sliced up into pieces for scrap.

    The air crews were recalled from leave as they had been given a "long-weekend" in lieu of the previous weekend when they has worked marching in the Brighton Gay Pride Day.

    A MOD spokesperson stated: "these airframes may be old but they are as robust and fit for purpose as the day they were built."
  2. Didn't you here? They've recommissioned certain aircraft & even brought Biggles out of retirement.

  3. there's also a rumour going around we have borrowed some Of Ryan airs precision guided aircraft and Raf groundcrew are filling/fitting waterbombs as we speak..

    It's enough to bring a tear to a japs eye
  4. 'kin hell! Saw that in the Imperial War Museum and wondered if it still was operational. That'll do well against Mirage and MiG-21/23...
  5. Ticker news in The Swan Tavern in the City said that 'two Tornado squadrons to be scrapped'.

    I wore out shoe leather helping CMD to be elected and now I am wondering why.
  6. I wore out shoe leather helping CMD to be elected and now I am wondering why.[/QUOTE]

    I know jsut how you feel. Bloody nice shoes too. Bastard.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    They are being scrapped because we need every spare penny to pay off the debts incurred by the last Government. The Counttry is worse than bankrupt - it is so far in debt that the repayment on money borrowed by Brown is far MORE than the entire Defence Budget.

    THAT is why there are cuts. THAT is why I hate Brown, Blair and all Socialists with a burning hatred and utter contempt.
  8. Russia Vetoed the UN security council resolution to make a Libyan no fly zone
  9. Most people here, me included are deficit hawks. I want government about as small and unobtrusive as we can viably make it. Cuts are wonderful things but should fall nowhere near defence. It’s possible to be pro-cuts but anti FJ cuts.

  10. For Gods sake man! Get with the programme! It's all Camerons fault!

    Dozens of people on ARRSE told me so.
  11. Cameron has been making the decisions for some time now.
    Some of those decisions are wrong. So yes, it is his fault. He hasn't got the spine to cut welfare and health spending and is increasing foreign aid. Who else do we blame for Camerons decisions?
    Yes, Blair and Brown made the mess, does that mean we should all slavishly agree with Camerons "solutions"?
  12. Can't say I'm sorry to be honest. Once all the Briton's have been extricated I am quite happy for UK involvement to end.
    We won't do ourselves any favours embroiling ourselves in Libya (or anywhere else in North Africa)
  13. Nothing to do with the banks then? Are you sure?.

    That bunch of clowns were about as removed from socialism (note small S) as its possible to be. If Capitalism has all the answers then explain to me why they are essentially betting 5 times the GDP of the World every DAY on the stockmarkets? Virtual money makes for real debts.

    On topic - I agree with others, the less involved we are outside of applying diplomatic pressure the better.
  14. When you say fly to Malta to enforce no fly zone do you actually mean fly to Malta to justify budget?
  15. Considering most reputable independent economists place fault firmly on governmental action starting with the (US Federal) Community Reinvestment Act 1977 which mandated mortgage lending to low income groups I think in the round bankers hold relatively little culpability, especially after the governmental interference in the operations of rating agencies.

    This is not a crisis caused by a free market but rather one caused by governmental manipulation. If I wanted to be uncharitable I’d extend blame to stupid people that failed to do their sums and discover they would never make their repayments after introductory rates finished.

    Mostly however, I blame politicians for still believing that the poor owning the house/flat they live in is their best hope for their social emancipation.

    However, not to derail the thread, moving on...