RAF Dental Officer Question

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by boredcivvy, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. Apologies for asking this on an Army forum, but I have had no luck on e-goat or contacting the local RAF AFCO:

    I am extremely interested in a career change with regards to attempting to become a Dentist, especially within the Armed Forces.

    On the RAF Careers website it states:

    "having already undertaken your vocational training, or you can do your vocational training in one of our practices and at Defence Dental Services"

    Does this mean there is the opportunity to undertake the initial training within the RAF as opposed to a civilian university?

    Thank you for your time in this matter,
  2. 'koff
  3. You can get sponsered through uni.
  4. Forget the RAF, look at the Army for a career as a dentist. We are gagging (no pun intended) for them
  5. Well I'm not a dentist in the RAF, as I wouldn't be on arrse, however I know someone who is.

    Answer to your question is basically: no. You have to go to a civvy uni to get the dental degree (or whatever it is), and then you can either do your first few years at a civvy place to get the experience, and then join the RAF. Or you can apply to the RAF for dentist whilst at uni, and therefore if successful, can go directly into the RAF after graduation and start from the bottom of the professional ladder there.

    I think that's vaguely right. It was about 3 years ago they joined so things may have changed, but I doubt they've changed a lot.
  6. ok, thanks for your help,

    so when it states "you can do your vocational training in one of our practices and at Defence Dental Services"

    it means they have affiliated practices within civvy uni's??

  7. All newly-qualified dentists in UK have to complete a 'Vocational Training' (VT) year after graduating. If you are sponsored through your university training by the RAF then once you graduate you will be posted to a RAF practice with a VT trainer/mentor to supervise your first year as a dentist. If you qualify as a dentist and choose to be a civvy, your first year in practice would still have to be somewhere with a VT trainer/mentor.

    If you really want to be a dentist, RAF or not, I suggest you look at the training and career structure of dentistry as a starting point. Try this site to begin with:

    Careers in Dentistry

  8. There is a policy in "draft" whereby officer graduates can be sponsored through dental school in the future. It is not clear whether this scheme will have an RAF equivalence. If you contact the RAF Dental/Medical recruiter ( can supply the details if you PM me) they will be more able to advise.

    At the moment you would have to leave the RAF, find your own way into dental school then apply again for RAF sponsorship in the last three years of dental school. You could then be re-enlisted as an RAF Dental Cadet and subsequently a dental officer.

    The Vocational Training is currently one year of training, on the job at an RAF Dental Centre. Although you are a qualified dentist you are unable to become a full registrant of the General dental Council and therefore unable to practice as an independant clinician.

    PM me if you want any other advice - i know people in Military Dentistry!!