RAF Cottesmore drawdown

Guys - can I draw your attention to the thread on E-goat: Need any kit from Cottesmore? - E-Goat :: The Totally Unofficial Royal Air Force Rumour Network forums - With Cottesmore closing - there is quite a bit of kit floating around that will probably be binned if no good home can be found for it - including equipment from the Station Clubs... If you are interested - and it's stressed the kit will be given to any deserving SERVICE use - and you'll have to collect from Cottesmore... Please take a look at the thread for more info.
Sorry - I don't know - but - I'm trying to find out if you guys can access the station intranet - theres a list of the stuff on there (An ever changing list apparently)
Sorry - I'm only bringing news of possible gizzits - I've had my rant elsewhere - I hope the Army do take it over - if just to help the local economy. I think if they do - it will be sometime before it happens - and the local chavs would have destroyed the place by then anyway :( either that - or the Romanian Gypsies!
Iron - from Cott:

"There might well be as the messes gradually draw down to one. Their best bet is to call OC CMT and proffer their interest."

the number will be on your intranet somewhere - and they don't think theres a link that you can access the staion intranet from a "Green" machine - sorry


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Yeah,good luck with that all of you. I am at Cottesmore and the Squadron Leader in charge of the redistribution of 'gizzits' thinks he owns it personally.

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