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RAF Cosford Airshow, 1st June 2008

Just realised that the Airshow is on this Sunday with the Eagles in attendance.

Just wondered if any of you cnuts were going so I know who to avoid, tis only 20 minutes from my gaff so I'll be p1ssed and getting the missus to drive :)

Wonder if I can convince the groundies on the display stand that I want to join the TA sqn? Got loads of goodies the last time I was there before John SD ruined it by turning up and shopping me :)
If you are going to the Cosford airshow you must be pretty desperate, as it costs £20 per person. High light of the display Jet Provost or the gliders. The place is full of walts getting dressed up in flying suits or desert cam. Have fun in the queues as they are horrendous.


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