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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Muttley, Jul 2, 2005.

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  1. Saw RAF Copper the other day complete with Staybrite stab vest, cuffs, radio, mobile phone, truncheon etc etc.. could have been an extra from the Bill.

    You might ask whats my point?

    What the hell does RAF Plod need all that for when all they seem to do is set up speed traps around RAF Camps. Hardly necessary in comparison to some of the areas the real police visit. I feel that its too much, If its ok for the camp guard not to need all that garb then neither should it be necessary for Plod.
  2. The RAF coppers would get a shock if they had to police an area such as Colchester or Fally. Bunch of poor gate guards, not Military Policemen IMHO. RMPs any day compared to these jokers.
  3. Intimidation would be the answer for all the fancy 'garb' they but on, possibly the meaner they look the less someone will decide it is worth thier while to mess with the RAF Police. In a situation you can bang your head till you bleed or just laugh.

    Cheers 2CB
  4. RAF police are now comissioning direct entry recruits from civpol up to the age of 38. I was thinking of it as a change to the MET (pay drops aside) is it a good idea?

  5. It is.

    If you have absolutely no self-respect!
  6. What's the difference between an RAF Copper and Adolph Hilter? - Hitler was a substantive Corporal.
    It's an old one I know but aren't they the best...........? :twisted:
  7. the meaner they look??? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. the aldergrove one are the beeeeeeeeeeeest.......... :?
  9. Yes I can see them all rushing and falling all over themselves to join the fu cking Snowdrops.

    Awful big of the Crabs to offer.....................:roll:
  10. Would these be the same RAF coppers who investigate defence flying complaints and, despite their apparent obtuseness, still manage to catch very clever AAC types f***ing-up in helicopters? :lol:
  11. Investigate Defence Flying Complaints..................Get a fcuking life.
  12. shut up and hold the gate open, you f*cking overpromoted knob. and we never call you obtuse. just c*ck, w*nker, a*sehole, and petty minded little turd!
  13. an RMP, a naval policeman and a RAF copper die and go up to heaven. when they get to the pearly gates, St Peter interviews them for suitability for entry to the kingdom of god.

    he says to the RMP: "well, youve done sterling work in your time. youve worked in canada helping the lads out with the local police. youve helped keeped the streets of aldershot safe from rampaging paras. youve earned your place in heaven." he lets him in.

    next the naval policeman. "youve done your bit around the ports, doing shore patrols etc. when the lads run ashore, you keep them from trashing bars and b*ggering too many civvies. you keep the senior service in line, youve done your bit so you can come in."

    then comes up the RAF policeman. St Peter says:

    "Ah, a snowdrop. watch this gate while i go for a p*ss mate!"
  14. As an RAF officer, I can only apologise for the RAFP, I have regularly seen their actions and petty mindedness cause genuine shame and embarrassment to my Service.

    The RAFP are undoubtedly the biggest waste of space in UK defence. Hypocritical, devious, jobs-worths who seem to delight in making life difficult for everyone. They are apparantly unable to apply any modicum of common sense or flexibility in any scenario.

    There was a time when I just gave them the benefit of doubt/pity but I have seen them try to stitch too many good guys up for petty issues whilst they themselves regularly flout rules themselves. Genuinely nasty bits of work.

    Classic example of RAFP idiocy this weekend at the Waddington Airshow:

    Scene: 0645, me pitching up for work (in uniform) and try to drive in through gate.

    RAFP Cpl: 'You can't come in here Sir'
    Me: 'Why?'
    RAFP: 'This is for Red route ticket holders only'
    Me: 'I'm not here as a spotter, I'm working this weekend and we've been told to park in that car park (point to car park approx 5 yards through said gate).
    RAFP: 'Sorry Sir, everyone's got to go through the main gate' (authors note: this required me to join increasing traffic congestion and drive approx one mile through said traffic to the car park I could see the other side of afforementioned acting/unpaid member of human race).
    Me: 'So you want me to drive down the road add to that huge traffic jam you can see, crawl around the Stn in the traffic and then park there anyway (pointing to same car park 5 yards away)?!'
    RAFP: 'Yes Sir'

    Absolute Muppets the lot of them.

    Once again, I can only apologise for RAFP, on behalf of the rest of my Service.
  15. But seriosuly , aprt from gate guarding, what do they do?