RAF considering operating from Motorways.


You've got this all wrong. It's nothing to do with Fast Jets and everything to do with getting some more revenue.

When they say operating on motorways, they mean augmenting the RAC. There's a reason the uniforms are nigh-on identical.......
Augmenting the RAC, I drove up the A1 in a Scimitar on the way to Edinburgh in the late seventies, passing HGV's at speed and was told by Fred to slow down because we were shredding lumps of rubber.
Maximum speed 50mph! it was quite a bit faster.
Needs follow me on the back and you're good to go.
The only vehicles displaying "follow me" in DfT is these bad boys. ;)


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If you're going to be marshalling you probably need to learn the correct way to do it (I saw a lad do this on 23 Squadron at RAF Stanley in 1984):
That was mainly from a NATO tactical weapons meet at Kliene Broghul in the 80s, they had a marshalling competition between the various air forces, of course the RAF won.


IIRC, there were claims that the Lightning 2A's at Gutersloh were turned round in about 7-8 minutes during TACEVALs. I know it was bloody fast, cos I was sat on a BFI watching them and my boss said the turn-round times got a special mention during the TACEVAL de-brief when the station got a '1' rating from the Taceval Team.

When Labour where in power Buff Hoon the defence minister blagged a freebie to the British Grand Prix.
One of his many excuses was that he wanted to see pressure refueling and a fast turn around to see if it could be adapted and used by then forces
Cue lots of scratching of heads within the RAF who had been turning stuff round at speed since 1940.

IIRC the turnaround speed during a TACEVAL was one of the reason cited for the Phantom shooting down a Jaguar over est Germany by mistake
The ground crew hadn't put black nasty of the missile switches so instead of it being a daga daga daga you're dead moment it became a woooosh what the **** get out Andy moment


Quite a bit of the M55 is dead straight, wide, devoid of bridges, lights, large signs and gantries, shockingly the bits near to Warton especially so.

I can't imagine what they were thinking when they built it. Oh and Blackpool Airport has a pretty long runway for a small provincial airport.

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