RAF compensation outrage!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sluice_dweller, Jul 29, 2007.

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  3. thats the RAF for you.
  4. Be interesting to see just how much of the £484,000 is going to the Clerk in compensation and how much is going to the lawyers in legal costs.

    If she gets more than ANY injured squaddie it is a total disgrace, as an ex crab I know these scribblies do sod all anyway.

    Funny how when I left I was diagnosed with about 25 - 30% hearing loss in my left ear. But then I was told that wearing a headset was part of an Air Traffickers job.

    Why on earth wasnt she told the same about her typing ??
  5. I don't agree with compensation at all in a case like this, if your wrists start to hurt when you are typing then you need to flag it, and remove yourself from that proffession. Not carrying on until YOU knacker YOUR wrists, then demand that the country pays for your incompetence.

    Completely different from a case involving personnel injured on OPS, and should definitly not have such a massive difference between the payouts.

    Stupid snake should have bought herself a wrist support.
  6. It's amazing how many one armed amputees can hold down a job. Why can't she? In my former workplaec we had someone with RSI in both wrists and we were still able to find her suitable alternative work.

    Seems to me someone didn't have any common sense and retrade her.
  7. :x disgusting
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Before we get too emotive about "RAF" outrages, remember that this is simply a civilian case against an employer, not a RAF special rate. The same kind of payment would be won by a SPS wallah for the same style injury as would any civilian against their own company. Good old H&S! 8O

    The outrage is that civilians are far better protected than Forces personnel are in general. Perhaps a realignment of Forces compensation payment rates is in order?

    Anyone know how long the payment levels as are have been in force? When was the last major review?
  9. Q
    Is this person a serving member of RAF?
    a civil administrator (who works for RAF)?

    I can't see the Station Cmdr / AOC ever letting that one go through
    She must be a civilian
  10. Putting this particular case aside for the moment (I've already contributed my twopenn'orth about the ridiculous state of our "compensation culture" in a different thread) I think the main thing this story does is highlight just how woefully neglected our wounded service personnel continue to be by the very government who sent them in harms way in the first place. Once again the most deserving are the most ill-used, simply because the treasury begrudges spending anything on people who have sacrificed so much.

    I'd better stop now, my blood's boiling!!! :x
  11. Exactly! Couldn't agree with you more.
  12. Are we all that surprised ? this has been the case for years, the most deserving never seem to be looked after.
  13. Seems like a nice gal. She fit?

    Whereabouts does she live again?
  14. Alas, it doesn't work like that. I got RSI from typing about 10 years ago. It didn't actually hurt when typing but only at night (and boy was it painful). It took a long time to work out what the problem was and by then I needed an op. The company paid for the op but I was left with numb fingers. I found it easier to write with thick rubbery pens than the company issue plastic ones. I went, very tongue in cheek, to HR and asked if I could claim for the pens that I was buying on expenses. She said "of course, provided you bring in a doctors note stating that you need them". B*gg*r, outwitted again! So I carried on buying my own pens. Never considered compensation. Still type slowy because I can't quite feel the keys. Still, lots worse off than me.

    I wonder if this bint has/still types elsewhere? If so, how does she know where the damage was done? Whole compensation culture stinks. People should get off their arrse and help themselves. If they don't - no handout.
  15. Utter & total nonsense, she’s got a normal left hand & some pain in her right, retrain find something different.